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Top 7 Tools to Build Remote Work Culture

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Ever since the global pandemic hit us, we’ve all shifted to working from home. While the remote work culture wasn’t popular a few years back, we have become more than used to it. 

The remote work culture has become a full-time opportunity at the moment. This is a huge opportunity for people to be more productive and save time on commutation etc. While the usual office routine involves a lot of tasks that eat into our productive time, it has its own perks. People can collaborate more easily and discuss ideas.

With a remote culture, all of these become cumbersome. However, with the advancement in technology, working remotely has become easier than ever. People can now manage their teams effectively, collaborate with each other, discuss ideas, and stay on top of their goals.  

Thanks to remote work tools. Here are the top 7 amazing tools that will make remote culture seamless for you-

1. Slack


Slack is a remote work tool that is used by plenty of organizations around the world. It is easy to use. People can collaborate easily on the platform and create multiple channels for more than one project or team. 

Slack channels can be used for instant messaging, helping teams stay on track of their work. The best part is that Slack is available as both the Android/iOS app and web app. No matter which medium you prefer, slack can help you ace your job.

2. Trivia


Trivia is a fun gaming application that keeps you fresh in the middle of the monotonous work. It helps in team-building activities. With Trivia as a tool in your organization, you can bring an atmosphere of fun and engagement at the workplace. 

Trivia can be added to slack and Microsoft teams within a matter of clicks. It is filled with more than a 1000 quizzes that are fun and easy to launch. With Trivia, you can also host a poll in your team. These benefits give more opportunities to engage with your team members. 

3. Kahoot


Training and events are a part of the work culture. However, when we think of working remotely, it becomes a little problem. Thanks to Kahoot, you can now create interactive presentations, organize training, events, and e-learning sessions with ease in your team. Be it onboarding training, fun culture, or keeping your employees engaged. Kahoot is the one-stop tool you need to build a remote culture in your organization. 

The app also offers seamless integration to Microsoft teams, making it easier than ever to use in an organization. With Kahoot, you can enable impactful learning even from a distance.

4. Houseparty


Working in a remote environment gives us quiet and undisturbed productivity time. However, face to face interaction is also necessary to collaborate on different tasks and be there together for a particular project. Houseparty is a fantastic app that makes all of this possible without any hassle. It enables face to face interactions and brings teams together, no matter where they are geographically located.

One of the best things about Houseparty is that it is available on different platforms such as Android, iOS, macOS, and Chrome. So, no matter which platform you prefer, Houseparty is all set to make your remote work experience entertaining. 

5. Donut


Working remotely also leaves us exhausted at times. We all love to be a part of the social group as it brings warmth to our lives. Remote working can take a toll on our mental health, leaving us all worked up with no real interaction. 

But, with Donut, all these issues are out to rest. You can connect with colleagues on the platform and grab a coffee with them online. The app strengthens personal connections and builds a strong community in the workplace. You can add Donut to slack and banish the social isolation altogether. 

6. Icebreakers


Working remotely doesn’t mean you have to stay strangers to the organization or your team members. Icebreakers is an app that helps you break the ice between members of your team and enable collaboration like never before. The app lets you stay sane and build strong relationships.

You can integrate it easily on slack and introduce yourself, answer questions, share weekend highlights, and more. Know your team members closely and help newcomers find comfort and familiarity in your group. Icebreakers also gives you multiple settings to exercise control on the UX etc. Share a laugh or two on an icebreaker with your team.

7. Bonusly


Recognition and rewards are an important part of the work. Not only are they required to motivate people but also to enrich your company culture. With Bonusly, by your side, you can recognize the efforts of your employees in a better manner. 

Give visibility to everyone’s contribution and empower teams to work even more fiercely. With Bonusly you can also encourage peers to recognize the efforts of each other and communicate hassle-free.


Remote working can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With technology to your rescue, you can conveniently break the monotony and enjoy the warmth of a social circle.

Break the ice between your team members and help them enjoy some time together at work. Use technology to help people bridge the physical gap in the workplace and improve the culture of the workplace

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