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The Salient Steps to Consider While Managing the Production Process of Custom Cases for Manufacturers

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As a manufacturer, after choosing the company for the production of custom cases for your products, now you must concentrate on negotiating the deal. At the same time, you will also need to manage the production process to ensure that the company making the cases for your brand adheres to the specifications provided by you. If you are unsure about which steps in the production of custom cases for manufacturers need your involvement, this article can guide you.

Initial Samples

You must ask the company that you have chosen to send across a few samples of custom cases that they produce, and feel are well suited for the product that you manufacture. They usually have many options for custom phone cases or custom AirPod cases. However, if your product is not that ordinary, maybe you will need to give them some design specifications first, especially regarding the inside casing. Initial samples will provide you ideas about the quality of their production. It will also allow you to understand what modifications might be needed to match the quality of your products.

Finalizing the Design

Once you start the evaluation process of the samples provided by your custom case manufacturer, you may need to have multiple meetings and discussions about finalizing the design of the case. You will have to specify each designing aspect that you expect in the product, such as size, color, brand logo, artwork, tagline, and such others. Before finalizing the design, you may have to rerun the samples once to ensure that they get made to your specifications. If they are, you can finalize the design and go ahead with the production. If you need more reruns of the sample, discuss that with the manufacturer. If you are not happy with the samples at all or lack confidence in the manufacturer, it is best to choose another one from the list.

Pre-Production Samples

Once the design gets finished and both you have agreed to go ahead with the production, you should ask the manufacturer to provide you with a few Pre-production samples so that you can ensure that they suit as custom cases for your product. Pre-production samples will also allow you to check for any minor tweaks that they might require. However, if you find that there are too many discrepancies between the samples and the agreed design, you will have to discuss the same with the case maker. Ensure that the manufacturer provides pre-production samples again after making the required adjustments.


Once you have approved the final designs of the pre-production samples, the company can start with the production of the custom cases. During the production phase, you must maintain regular communication with the manufacturer to ensure that the cases are ready on time. If the manufacturer experiences any problems that might delay the production process or extend the delivery timeline, ensure that the same is conveyed to you well in advance so that you can make the necessary adjustments to your production line.


The shipping costs will depend on the distance between the manufacturer and the destination, and the mode of shipping. The urgency in shipping might raise the charges, so make sure that the production is finished well in advance. If there were delays in the production, and that might cost you more to ship the products urgently, discuss the same with the manufacturer and make sure that they bear the extra cost. Other factors may influence the shipping costs as well, such as holiday seasons.

Ensure that the manufacturer packs the cases properly so that they do not get damaged during shipping. Custom MacBook cases or laptop cases are flexible and lightweight, and thus would incur lower shipping costs. On the other hand, custom pc cases for military proposes are bulky and heavy, and therefore will be charged more to be shipped. Depending on the product, it is a good idea to choose a manufacturer closer to the delivery destination to save on shipping charges.

It is so advisable to have backup custom case makers in case there are problems in production or shipping, or your relationship with the manufacturer falls apart. Manufacturers will be more responsive if they know that they have competition from other companies.

The efficient management of the production process would need your attention from time to time. It is unwise to assume that custom made cases will be delivered according to your specifications on time without any involvement from your side. Remember, the cases should complement your products, and therefore must meet the quality expectations of your customers.

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