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Global Mobility: Attracting Top Talent

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Global mobility is increasing all the time, which means many businesses struggle to know how to best-attract top talent. So, how do you find the very best employees to work at your overseas operations? Read on to find out.

Attract the Top Talent from Within Your Ranks

Too often, companies do not let their employees know what global opportunities are available. Until recently, finding talent for global mobility was often conducted through succession planning and word of mouth. Also, many companies looked for more experienced people and would, therefore, ignore the potential of their younger employees. Now, most forward-thinking businesses realize that young people appreciate the opportunity of going overseas, and many ideal candidates can be found among the company’s youthful staff members. If you do not let all of your employees know there are opportunities to work abroad, the best people for the job will not even be aware of the available positions. If you want to find the best talent, look within your own ranks, and focus on millennials.

Attract New Talent

If you want to find the best new talent to work overseas, you need to offer them excellent reasons for why they should work for your company. By offering executive relocation incentives, you are much more likely to get applications from the best of the best. It is worth using an independent executive relocation service for VIP employees. A relocation company can help you to create tailor-made services for those people who warrant an extra level of attention. A relocation service can provide accommodation, schools for employees with families, doctor services, concierge services, and transportation. The more you can offer to new talent, the more you will attract the top dogs for the job.

Attract Ex-Employees

By carefully managing the departure of your top employees and keeping in touch with them once they have left, you leave the door open for future cooperation. If you adopt such practices, you have a good chance of regaining your previous top talent. By reemploying old faces, you will already know how good they are for the positions. So, you will not have to spend valuable time training them and keeping a close eye on their productivity. Maintain good links with past high performers. You may be surprised at how many are willing to return for the right package.

The Only Way Is Not Always Up

When employees are promoted within their field, it is known as a vertical move. If you only consider vertical movers for your global mobility operation, you need to think again. Lateral movers are people who move between types of jobs within your company. And they could be the top talent you have been looking for. By facilitating lateral moves instead of always implementing straightforward vertical-move promotions, you can expose employees with high potential to other departments and see them prosper. Due to the flexibility that lateral moving creates, employees who have excelled in different departments could be the best talent for working at your overseas operations.

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