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Employee Engagement Trends in 2021

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Employee engagement refers to employees’ association with the organisation. It is expressed through their devotion to the company’s mission, investment in the organisation, and zeal that helps them walk the extra mile. So, the organisation must prepare an employee-friendly engagement plan to keep them motivated.

Different organisations follow different trends; however, trends are evolving with each passing day. A trend that was applicable yesterday might not find any relevance today.

Therefore, it is crucial to learn about the present challenges and demands of the employees and work towards its fulfilment. Since the beginning of Covid-19, many industries had to resort to the option of working from home. 

Trends followed in 2019 are redundant in the present working scenario where employees are combating the challenge of working in the new environment and meeting rigorous deadlines amid the pandemic. 

Check out this list of trends that can be an effective plan for employee engagement in the new normal: 

Policies and Benefits that Support the Mental Health of Employees 

Apart from the physical threats, the novel Coronavirus has also impacted people’s mental health throughout the world. Everyone is suffering from stress, anxiety, and poor mental health in the present times. Companies are now seen to be focusing more on the mental condition of their employees to maintain productivity.

Employers can do this by providing a free Employee Assistance Program where employees can seek professional help.

The provision for special leaves for the employees can be a great idea. It will help them rejuvenate and come back with fresh energy.

Another excellent way is to re-evaluate the health benefit packages by including the coverage of mental health services or by providing a separate allowance for mental health. 

Providing Opportunities to Work From Home

Initially, companies offered work from home opportunities to their employees to maintain social distancing, which is needed to mitigate the deadly virus spread. However, employees have embraced the culture as they felt that it offered a work-life balance.

Companies are now providing necessary services where employees can work efficiently in the comfort of their homes. Supporting remote work is an easy way to retain employees in the new normal. 

Flexibility of Work

Since employees work from their homes, it is difficult for them to keep their personal lives away from work. The increasing burden of managing office work and handling household chores at the same time is frustrating and demotivating.

Companies can implement strategies wherein employees get the freedom to work on flexible timelines. It helps them balance both – home and work and provides a sense of comfort and ease to the employees.

Boosts Employee Morale with Rewards and Recognitions

Employees feel motivated when they are appreciated for their good job. It has a long-lasting effect and helps the employee to work with more commitment.

The human resource team of different organisations is burdened with implementing rewards and recognition programs to keep the spirit alive among the employees. A purpose-built employee rewards and recognition software is an easy way to honour the employees for their efforts. These platforms help provide props, celebrate milestones, or give shoutouts to staff through redeemable bonuses like gift cards or pay for different services available for free for the employees. 

Providing Room for Career Growth

Employees nowadays seek a job opportunity that helps boost their lives individually and careers professionally. They do not want to be stagnant and look for organisations that can provide them with that diversity.

Organisations should cultivate an environment where the employees can learn, grow, and progress. The learning and development programs can be a great motivation for the employees and provide them with the assurance that they think of their development.

Encourage Employee Participation and Grievances 

Employees find motivation only when their organisation pays heed to their grievances and confirms their participation in the decision-making process. Companies should develop a policy where they can ask the employees to contribute ideas for different projects. It will boost their confidence to work hard for the betterment of the organisation.

Companies should also create a channel where employees can freely share their grievances or other problems. This will not only encourage employee participation but will also improve their productivity. 

Introducing Fun at Work

With the increasing cases of coronavirus, everyone is trapped inside the four walls of their houses. In such a situation, working day and night can be mentally exhausting. Managers should come up with fun ideas to break the mundane routine and encourage employees to start afresh. 


As we look forward to getting back to normal, a healthy workplace with happy employees is what we aim for. The new normal has been challenging for the employees as well as the employers. Organisations have tried implementing various trends and are still working towards motivating their employees.

Moving ahead, some of these trends will continue to reign in the near future to get better employee output.

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