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Become A Better Manager: 10 Inspirational Management And Leadership Blogs

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As a management and executive coach I spend a good amount of time helping folks understand the “little” things that are necessary to lead and manage a workforce to be more productive and profitable. I thought I would share some resources by drawing on outstanding “expert” advice in related leadership and management blogs that have been recently posted.

For People to Trust You, Reveal Your Intentions by practicing 3 ways you can reveal your intentions as a leader and a manager to your employees and customers and get better results. Linda Hill & Kent Lineback, HBR Blog Network

Can You Evolve From Control Freak to Emotionally Intelligent Leader? This post discusses what the budding entrepreneur needs to do (and know) as his/her business experiences employee, market, and revenue growth stages.  If it applies to someone you know, pass this one along! Christopher Hann, Entrepreneur

Forsaking Investment Banking to Turn Around a Family Business is a light-hearted story about a young investment banker going “nuts” to help his family business turnaround, by focusing on customer service, internet sales, and common sense management practices.  We may be in different industries but the life lessons resonate. Ian Mount, The New York Times

Restoring Your Ability to Choosehas several posts.  It’s the first one that set me straight, particularly the twelve Power of Pause practices.  These are now part of my coaching (and business) practice.  Sounds like a great book to read as well. LeadingBlog

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly. – This quote, attributed to Henri Bergson, is the last of 6 suggestions to brainstorm and bring some fresh life to your business perspective.  My favorite from this post is # 4, “If at first you don’t succeed…give up?”  What will become your favorites? Jürgen Wolff, Management Issues

How to Lead Yourself When the Boss is Not Around In this post Dan lists 10 practices that managers who are not actively being managed can use to “manage themselves better.”  My personal favorite is # 2, have an ownership mindset.  How often are you in situations where these might come in handy? Dan McCarthy, Great Leadership

The One Leadership Secret That Will Never Involve A Mobile Device (or Any Computer) The need for personal communication is addressed in this post in a compelling manner.  It’s nice to see that the “face to face conversation” is valued by others in leadership positions. Terry Starbucker

Leadership: It’s the Softer Side That Countsit’s hard to find fault with the CEO of Korn/Ferry International in his assessment of what makes a leader effective.  Consider what “aligning, motivating, and empowering others” to make decisions can do in your company. Gary Burnison, Great Leadership

Over-thinking Challenging Situations reviews the benefits (and dangers) of over analyzing situations and encounters, advising instead to seek the open mind approach as a leader and look for the positive in each situation. David Peck, The Recovering Leader

If you think that’s what we want, why don’t you give it to us? – Seth Godin deserves a place in this listing for a variety of reasons, but for now we need a whimsical read into his short piece on marketing strategy. Enjoy. Seth Godin’s Blog.

There is a wealth of online information available on leadership and management practices. Let me know who some of your favorite scribes are and we can share with others. Hope these help to inspire and engage you with your employees, customers, and company in the days and weeks ahead.

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