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10 Things You Can Learn From Buddhist Monks About Motivation

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As a management coach a significant part of my work focuses on motivation – of owners, managers, and employees.  I’ve found through experience in leading and managing organizations that learning how to motivate and understanding the power of motivation in a business is one of the most important attributes a leader and manager can develop.

There is extensive information, theories, and perspectives available about employee motivation.  Here are 10 that I found particularly inspiring.  I hope you enjoy – and agree.  Please feel free to share your most significant motivational practices in the comment section below.

Oh, and although Buddhist Monks did not write these posts, I expect they just might agree for the need to share.

The Flight From Conversation – in this post Sherry presents what I see as the most important feature of motivation – conversation.  Admittedly a long read, I hope you find some encouragement and engagement from her observations and research.  Sherry Turkle,

The 5 Qualities of Remarkable Bosses – this post provides 5 areas in which an owner can personally become successfully engaged in motivating employees. # 5 is my favorite. Jeff Haden,

Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail To Keep Their Best Talent – this post describes why top talent leaves large, successful companies, illustrating in another way that some companies presumed too big to fail may, if they fail to address these 10 reasons.  Eric Jackson,

8 ways to ruin your employees’ motivation – This post takes a whimsical look at 8 ways managers can drive their employees nutty.  It is a very interesting way to illustrate that opposites can attract.   Russell Working,

Why Do Your Employees Leave You? – This post lists 5 common reasons why employees may leave a company.  Look at your business. Are any of these factors present? Belinda Summers,

11 Sure-Fire Ways to Revive Spirit in the Workplace – this post shares a number of ways to improve attitude and spirit.  What’s your favorite?  Mine is # 6, it appeals to my sweet tooth.  Sam Glenn,

Leadership Team Development: Celebrating Wins – this post gives a great illustration of how a CEO helps his top performers want to perform at an even higher level.  David Casullo, The Bates Communications Blog.

Why Your Employee Motivation Program Isn’t Working – this post juxtaposes the extrinsic rewards of traditional reward and recognition programs against the need for intrinsic motivation, and identifies sometimes deleterious effects on the less than optimal performers. Paul Marciano,

Employee Motivation Drives Success – this post illustrates two leadership efforts to motivate employees through their personal connection and sharing of vision, mission, and company culture with each of their employees.  Kristin Gilpatrick,

Curious Insight into Employee Motivation and the Pygmalion Effect – this post provides 4 tips to develop the Pygmalion effect with employees by setting great expectations at the start of the employment process.  Jeffrey Meyers,

There’s plenty more to write about.  Looking back to the first post above – what is 1 action you can take in your business this week to use conversation to improve motivation?

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