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Top 12 Ways of Motivating Employees to Perform at Their Best

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Happy workers are motivated workers. And motivated workers are productive workers. . When an employee knows that the work they are doing is meaningful, they will feel valued and motivated. They will put in their best efforts and do all they can to produce excellent results. But when an employee is given meaningless tasks to do, they won’t be motivated. People with important tasks know that if there were to be job cuts, their jobs could still be secured because what they do is important. Tell your employees that they matter to the organization and let them know how their job description is important to the running of the organization.

#2. Hire excellent people and get rid of mediocre workers:

Mediocre workers or underperformers can kill the spirit of a team. When an employee is slacking, others will be tempted to slack because they will feel that there is no point in them working hard when another person is lagging. But high performers or excellent people will get things done without excuses. A team of high performers will flow smoothly with each other. There will be a high energy flow in the organization. The motivation will be high because of the things they will achieve together.  

#3. Trust your team members:

You must trust your team members enough to handle some tasks and responsibilities. Do not oversee every little thing they do. You have to trust them enough not to interfere with everything. No one likes to be treated like a baby. When you show them that they are matured enough to do something on their own, their confidence level will increase. Micromanaging employees can make them nervous. Grant them autonomy and put in charge of things. Make them responsible, and you will see that they will rise to the occasion.

#4. Don’t be too rigid:

When you’re too rigid, you stand the risk of making your employees unmotivated. Let there be some flexibility. Employees do not feel motivated in a tense atmosphere. Just ensure that they perform their responsibilities and obey the major rules of the organization.    

#5. Respect them:

Nobody likes to be insulted or yelled at. You must treat every one of your employees with respect. They are not kids. By yelling at them, you make them feel rejected and unwanted. If you don’t respect them, they won’t feel motivated to work for you no matter how much you pay them.

#6. Know them personally:

When you know your employees personally, they feel loved, and they appreciate the extra effort you take in knowing them. Greet them by their first names and ask them about their children and their spouses. Remember little details and use these details in latter conversations. This will keep them motivated.

#7. Set a good example:

If you are not pulling your weight in your organization, you won’t motivate your employees. Leaders lead by examples. Be a diligent team player. When everyone is putting in extra hours, do the same. Volunteer for some things and let them see that you will do anything to see the organization succeed. If your employees see you slacking, they won’t be motivated to put in their best.

#8. Pay your employees well:

Good pay is a good motivator. Pay your employees well. Do not delay in payments. Also, give them bonuses when they deserve them. If you decide to hold back on payments, you might lose more in the long run.

#9. Appreciate employees when they perform well:  

Whenever employees accomplish tasks or do a good job, appreciate them. Tell them how much you appreciate the effort they put in. Notice their good work, recognize it and appreciate it

#10. Create prize incentives:

You can have prize incentives for extraordinary efforts. This could be free tickets to movies or shows, an expensive dinner, a day off, free dinners etc. This will make employees happy and also inspire a little competition in the working place.

#11. Invest in your employees:

When you invest in your employees, it shows that you are thinking about the future of these employees and you care about them. Pay for seminars and reimburse them for some courses. You can even have meetings with them where you discuss their career paths with them. This will improve their skills and their knowledge. It will also make them motivated to stay with the company for a longer period of time instead of a short stay. When you give your employees a reason to stay, their morale will improve, and your company will get better for it.

#12. Encourage their input:

It’s good that you ask employees for their input before taking strategic decisions. Ask them what they think about the decision and ask for suggestions. Employees feel isolated when they are not included in the decision-making process of an organization. When you ask them for their opinions, they feel valued, and they understand that you are making them play major roles in the organization. Ask them for opinions on how the company can be better. If you like their suggestions, implement them. When you implement some of their suggestions, it shows that you are not merely asking them for their input. You valued their input to the extent that you implemented it.   


If you want to get the best of your employees and improve your employee turnover rate, you must keep them motivated. If you follow all the methods mentioned in this article, you will keep them motivated. Treat them well and value them. Don’t be too quick to show them that you are their superior. Appreciate their efforts and do not undermine them. Compliment them and give them physical rewards for good efforts. Motivated workers increased their productivity, and they increase the revenue made by a company. You have nothing to lose by keeping your employees motivated.

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