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Career Growth Strategies for Young Professionals

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Some young professionals walk into their entry-level graduate jobs and are just happy to be in the building. Others are hungry and envy their boss pulling into the car park with a brand-new set of wheels. If you are closer to the latter than the former, you will need to know the best ways to grow your career as a young professional. These top tips can help you catch the eye of your superiors for the right reasons and help you supercharge your career.

Start with the Right Job

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have chosen a job with real career potential. You need to identify jobs that lead to progressions within the company. And ask about the ladder to the top when in the interview. Asking questions like this will also help you get the job because it shows ambition and career hunger.

This means using a job site that advertises career jobs in the UK, such as Jobrapido. This job search site promotes roles in tech, engineering, law and medicine with some of the most successful firms.

Speak Up

It can be daunting for new faces in a company to make themselves and their opinions heard within meetings, even more so for young professionals. However, you should not be afraid to challenge the status quo of your company and also your leaders.

If you are able to give better suggestions while remaining respectful of all others in the room, there is a strong chance that your bosses will start to notice your potential – and your ability to manage other people at the same time and maintain working relationships.

Be Results Driven

Employees that focus more on results and productivity than the hours they work are seen as more valuable assets to the company. An employee that puts in overtime is admirable and supported. But an employee that gets results is cherished and celebrated.

The latter will keep you in a job, but the former will keep you progressing up the promotion ladder. Start becoming motivated by results rather than picking up a brown envelope every month.

Continue Learning

If you are fresh out of university, you may start to relax knowing that you have been updated on everything you need to know to do your intended job. Yet, the world of today moves quicker than it ever has done before. In tech circles, being over 30 is sometimes considered a hindrance because these people have been working and not had the time to keep up with the latest developments, programs and computer languages.

Unless they have been working for a company that promotes continued development!

This is why you must continue to seek out the best ways to develop your skills while at work. To make this easier for yourself and score points with the bosses, request work development and training on the job as well as self-directed learning.

Soon, you can be pulling into the company car park with a new vehicle and job title!

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