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10 Ways to Effectively Use Online Quizzes for Marketing

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With so many brands out there, every brand struggles to maintain its online presence. If your business isn’t generating enough leads, it’s useless to continue it. Every marketer’s journey begins from getting traffic to their webpage and converting that traffic into leads who eventually become paying customers.

Increasing the number of prospective customers requires great content. So, you must invest in the right content strategy to generate sales leads. Interactive content results in greater returns on investment (ROI). You need to develop content that prompts interaction with the audience.

Why implement quizzes into your marketing strategy 

Surfing through the Internet, you might see that everyone today, has been caught up on online quizzes at least once. That’s because they’re appealing at times. However, these online quizzes aren’t just for fun – they are integrated into the marketing strategy of a business to promote brand awareness.

You need to think out of the box while planning your marketing strategy. Online quizzes have become the latest trend because people love filling out these forms to know themselves better. Online quizzes ensure two-way communication with customers – a study reports that 87% marketers consider interactive content to be attention-grabbing as compared to the static content.

Integrating online quizzes into your marketing strategy can help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Tips to include online quizzes in a business 

Here are 10 ways to effectively use online quizzes for marketing.

Ensure relevancy 

It’s important to generate relevant content for your quiz – something that best fits your business theme. You can’t just create a random quiz to attract your audience. If you’re trying to attract more customers to your wedding business, it might be smart to try quizzes such as “when will you get married“, “who’s your soulmate”, “what’s your wedding style” or “wedding venue match”.

For instance, if you’re into the food business, then your quiz would more likely be related to the topics like ‘what type of burger you are’ or ‘what your favorite cuisine tells about your personality’. Through such quizzes, you can gain an insight into your customers’ interests which allows you to serve them better.

There won’t be any point of creating a quiz that’s irrelevant to your business niche. So before you create content for the quiz, put yourself into target audience’s position.


BuzzFeed has been creating all sorts of quizzes – it’s the best place to take some ideas for generating relevant quizzes.

Generate positive, shareable results

If people like the results of the quiz they undertook, they would definitely share them with their friends and family. It enhances your visibility to more people, creating brand awareness. Once you’re known, you can influence the potential customers to convert into loyal ones.

The reason why quizzes should generate positive results is that everyone likes hearing great stuff about themselves. If you defame people or insult them, you won’t be getting any shares and the audience might end up reporting your quiz. Here are a few ways through which you can work on making positive results.

  • Use phrases or quotes
  • General comments – For instance, ‘you’re great’ or ‘wonderful job’
  • References – ‘you think like Bill Gates’

You may wonder how but it’s true that an average quiz gets 1900 shares, so it is an effective marketing strategy to boost sales for your business.

Keep it brief 

Quizzes have to be short and brief or else people would feel like they’re filling up a survey and will probably quit. An average online user has an attention span of 60 seconds only so make sure you make t short yet interesting.

Short quizzes can help you with better conversions because people would stay connected to you –increasing brand affiliation. Short quizzes are quick to complete. Have you noticed that all BuzzFeed quizzes have 10 questions so the audience can finish a quiz within a minute?

You need to avoid adding any complex questions which might lead a user to open Google. You just need to ask them a couple of simple questions to collect data regarding their preferences and tastes.

Promote through social media

Marketers believe that social media quizzes can be very effective, as far as generating traffic is concerned.  Social media users are using this platform for entertainment – if your quizzes tend to entertain users, you’re good to go!

Facebook is referred to as the best platform for uploading quizzes because it enables users to share results with their friends and family. Moreover, there’s a shareability option to refer other people to ‘take your quiz’ – just as shown below in the picture.


This enables more people to take the quiz which leads to effective marketing as you’ll be able to generate leads for your website.

Structure it properly

You are creating quizzes to market your business. To achieve this goal, it is essential that your quizzes are structured in a way that people can actually access it. Make sure that options such as, ‘take your quiz’, ‘share now’ are prominent enough to compel an individual to take the quiz.

Use a personalized tone – make use of pronouns like ‘you’ or ‘we’ to entice them on a personal level. Try making it sound like a two-way conversation. Your quiz should emotionally attract the audience, relaying a message from one individual to another.


Above shown is an example of ‘unstructured quiz’, as there is no option to share the results. This could be labeled as ineffective marketing which you definitely need to avoid while creating your quiz.

Know your audience

It is essential to know your audience – only then you’ll be able to design quizzes as per their interests. Your quizzes need to be consistent enough, so people could relate to it on a personal level. It’s important to build trust with a brand. Customers are likely to make purchases from a brand whom they consider credible.

Quizzes can be a great way to know your customers if they’re created the right way. For instance, you have an automobile business you can create a quiz like ‘which car represents your personality’. To ensure better quality content, you can use a variety of online tools such as Quiz Creator – Typeform.

A well-designed quiz gives you an insight into the personality of people filling out the quiz, making it easier for you to generate leads through marketing.

Give rewards

Some businesses are new when it comes to marketing through online quizzes. You need people to implement quiz into your business strategy to reach your marketing goals.

The best tactic is to offer some reward in return for attempting the quiz. It could be anything, from a discount voucher to some bonus points on next purchase. The audience will be tempted to take the quiz and earn giveaways or whatever your brand has to offer.

Use images

Visual content has always proved to be a powerful source of grabbing customer attention. It means while creating quizzes, you also need to put in pictures.

Plain text-based quizzes can become boring. Adding pictures spike the interest of the audience and increase their attention spans. Therefore, look for pictures which go along with the questions for your quiz because there is no point in posting irrelevant pictures.


Shown above is an example of how you can put pictures along with every question. It makes the whole quiz look interesting.

Make it interesting

Online quizzes would only be effective when they develop users’ interest. If you have a boring quiz, then people won’t bother to give it a try.

You need to make your quiz entertaining, so the user enjoys while undertaking it. They’ll always look for something new and unique, especially if it relates to their personality or future. For instance, a quiz like ‘which job is suitable for you’ or ‘where would you be in the next 5 years’ can make them curious about their future. People are looking for answers for such questions, so why not make a quiz about it?


Aron brothers is a great example when it comes to creating interesting online quizzes. They have used colors along with pictures to make their quiz look appealing. They provide art supplies to their customers so they created a quiz named ‘what’s your color’.

Cheerful font 

If you’re putting the same font as in your blogs or guest posts, it would make your quiz look like an article with multiple choice answers. To make it more attractive, use interesting font styles – a bigger font for quizzes makes it convenient for the audience to fill them up.

Select a unique, funky font which is eye-catchy. People like when things are casual and simple. Avoid using jargons in your quiz; use spontaneous words like ‘Alas’ or ‘hurray’. For effective marketing, it is essential that quiz appeals to the audience.

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