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Email Psychology: How to Develop a Powerful Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing is a powerful and efficient way to reach the people who have shown interest in your products and services. It empowers you to reach your customers personally even if you are too far from them.

That’s why 82% of B2B and B2C , 70% of brands fail to use it.

Why Most Email Campaigns Fail

After spending several weeks in research and planning, when you finally launch your first email campaign, it falls flat. Why did it happen? While you used the best email marketing tips suggested by so-called email marketing experts. Was it the lack of your marketing efforts or you didn’t understand the psychology of email marketing?

Anyways, it could be anything.

Here I have listed some common reasons that could be the cause of your email campaigns failure:

  • – You didn’t have a proper buyer person
  • – Your researched data wasn’t perfect
  • – You didn’t have correct or realistic success metrics
  • – You didn’t craft the right message for your audience
  • – You shoot your email campaign at the wrong time at the buyer’s journey
  • – Your message was too promotional

Significantly, any of these mistakes can lead your email marketing campaign to failure. However, if you succeed to find the right reason, you can make essential adjustments in your next email campaign.

How can you build a great email campaign?

I guess now you have been known why your email marketing campaign didn’t perform as you had expected. Now the question is, what makes an effective email campaign?

How can you build a great email campaign? A successful email marketing campaign depends on how solid your email marketing strategy is. A perfect email marketing strategy means the guarantee of success.

Remember, your email marketing campaign is competing with millions of others. And, if you start it without having any email marketing plan chances are high you’ll fail.

Here are some essential elements of a robust email marketing strategy that you need to know:

#1. Write emails that build a healthy relationship with your prospect

Remember, the people on your email list are the human being, and they have emotions, feelings, and desires. They want to be treated as special.

If you have a product or service that you want to sell to those people whom you don’t know, never send them the promotional email first. Instead, do the following things:

  • – Collect all information about your prospect such as (Age, Job, Education, Salary, and their problem, etc.)
  • – Once you got all the information about them send them a welcome email.
  • – Tell them who you are.
  • – What do you do and how can your product help them with their specific problem?
  • – Ask them if they want to need your product or service?
  • – If they say yes then send them your promotional email.

Collect the information about your clients and establish a healthy relationship with them. Once you succeed to create a relationship with your clients it will be easy for you to sell your product to them.

See this:

email template

I got this email from a web designing company, and I deleted it without even reading a single line. You may be wondering why did I do that? Because the person who sent me that email didn’t know anything about me, even he didn’t know that if I have a website or not. Instead of sending a cold promotional email first he should have collected some information about me.

He should have asked the following questions himself:

  • – If I have a website or not?
  • – If I have a website then what is the main problem (traffic, lead, or poor designing) I am struggling with?
  • – Do I need any app requirement?
  • – What is the best time I could check my email?

He should have collected this information and then created his email marketing strategy. But, instead of collecting the necessary data, he sent direct mail regarding web services which I didn’t need.

A healthy relationship is necessary to turn a cold prospect into a hot one.

How to build a relationship with your email subscribers. Write an excellent subject line that your prospect can’t resist but click. The content in your email should be entertaining and related to your clients.

See here another example:


I got this email from Eli, one of my blogger friend. He knew that I love blogging and I could share some blogging tips for his audience.

So, he dropped me an email and asked for some blogging tips. I had to say yes, because it was very polite and tailored email.

#2. Build Credibility and Trust with Your Subscribers List

One of the top reasons email marketing campaign doesn’t perform as planned, because, the lack of the credibility and trust between the subscribers and email marketers. Having a great list of email subscribers is right for your business. But, how can you make them buy from you instead of your competitors?

People are more likely to purchase a product or service from those whom they know, like and trust. It’s up to you, how can you build credibility and trust with your subscriber’s list?

Here are some smart ways to do that:

  1. Build trust by being honest – The first rule of building a trust is, to be honest with your prospects.
  2. Make them believe- Clients will trust you if you make them believe in your product and services.
  3. Offering the best quality product will build trust with your list
  4. Build trust by providing your expert opinion and endorsement about products

Building trust is important in every aspect of life whether it is personal or in business.

See below the email I got from Derek Halpern in that he is showing me his strategy how he made $46,398 in only 10 days:


This is the best example of an email to gain trust and loyalty.

#3. Build a Relationship with Your Email List

Email marketing is one of the substantial ways to build a healthy relationship with your clients. By using email marketing, you can cash your relationship as many times as you want. Getting a personal email shows more care than sharing a post on social media.

Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%. Whereas, 50% companies found that they can increase interaction within email by using personalization.

email trust


Here are five essential steps to build relationship with your email list:

Be Relevant and useful – To create a healthy relationship with your list you need to show them that you are going to offer them something valuable that they need. Send them an email on a regular basis, which could be in once a week or two times in a month, or whatever suits you. Don’t email your list only when you have something to sell!

Write an eye catchy subject line – It would be hard for you to build a relationship with your subscribers if they don’t open your email. Use the following tips to write an attractive email subject lines that improves open rate:

  • Include numbers ( 5 Reasons You Need Email Marketing Software)
  • Personalize when possible (Hey ‘Name’ you need to know this)
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Ask a question (Are you making these five blogging mistakes)

Always try different subject lines to see which writing styles getting the highest open rates with your particular audience. 

The Aweber team tested 20 subject lines to see the Clarity vs Creativity in subject lines. They sent a list of over 45,000 subscribers. The clear, straightforward subject lines got more response than the creative subject lines.

email ab testing

Share relevant and helpful content – Show yourself as an expert and share only relevant and useful content through email.

You might share content like this:

  • New product deals and discounts
  • Useful YouTube videos
  • Funny images
  • Informative blog that is (written by you or other bloggers)

Emails packed with informative and useful content increase trust in subscribers.

Brian Dean uses this tactic every time whenever he sends an email. See below an example of his email:

brian dean

This email was full packed with 21 actionable SEO tips. I hadn’t any choice but to click and read that email because I wanted to know those SEO tips.

Make sure when you email to your list that should contain at least one actionable blog post link related to that email.

Don’t only sell but also befriend with your list – If every email you send to your list would be sales email soon they will start getting annoyed and could mark you as a spammer. Instead, show your clients that you are their friend, and befriended with them.

Teach them something that they don’t know yet but they need to know. Tell them why they need to learn these particular tips and it would be better if you show them how to do that.

Look at this example below:


In this particular email Derek isn’t selling anything or even asking for any favor. Instead,  he wants to show me the way he got 26,778 subscribers in only 13 months. Emails like this increase credibility and trust in subscribers.

Add call-to-action – One of deadly mistakes email marketers do they don’t add a call to action in their email. Your client doesn’t know what to do after reading your email until you tell him. Including a call to action button instead of a text link can increase conversion rates by as much as 28%.

With each email you send, ask yourself “What do I want my client to do?” The answer might be one of these…

  • – Click on a link
  • – Share your content on social media
  • – Purchase a products or services
  • – Visit your shop or restaurant

Pick the best call to action and add it to your email.


Many companies use email marketing as their primary marketing strategy to increase conversion, awareness, acquisition, and retention. Small businesses prefer email marketing because it is measurable and cost-effective. For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25. And, if you want to build a successful email campaign for your company then you must consider the above-mentioned mentioned email marketing tips.

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