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9 Sneaky Ideas on How to Boost Workplace Productivity

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Positive workplace performance is fast becoming an essential element globally. More employers are daily seeking methods to make employees

#1. Invest in more green

Plants and flowers encourage a more engaging workplace area. This will increase the productivity of your employees. Many studies have found various benefits of having plants in the office.

Nature contact in an office can be a very effective way to reduce stress among employees. Adding foliage in the workplace will reduce coughs, headaches and skin ailments. Not only can greenery boost productivity, but it also helps with memory retention.

Researchers also found that plants have a positive effect on workplace satisfaction. Plants increases the focus and the perceived air quality. So invest in a few potted plants and watch your employee productivity soar.

#2. Short regular breaks

Taking a break can relieve pressure on the brain. A break allows your employee to come back to the job at hand with renewed energy and sense of purpose. Short breaks can also increase creativity.

Taking a step away might be what you need to recharge. Get up for a few minutes and get your blood flowing. A few minutes of walk will supply more oxygen to the brain. This is necessary to improve productivity.

#3. Flexible work hours

In our world today, many companies are shifting from the regular 9-5. More companies are embracing flexible working hours for employees.

According to studies, humans are not designed to focus for eight hours a day. Inflexible hours, especially combined with low wages, place a huge strain on employees. Leaving them starved for time, both for themselves and for their families.

When coming to work is more about getting things done, rather than about showing up, more gets done. Encourage non-traditional working hours.

#4. Workplace fitness

Organizations that support workplace fitness attracts competent employees. Sitting for a long time in office chairs have a way of affecting the back negatively. Regular working out while at work will help to increase your employees’ happiness and productivity. Having a business full of employees who are fit is key to having an efficient workforce.

Exercise is a natural way of increasing testosterone levels in the body which is an energy hormone. This means that your employees will have more energy and will be more alert. Even a small amount of exercise a day can raise their productivity.

Exercise helps to increase the flow of blood throughout the body — especially to the brain where it’s most needed. This can result in better brainstorming and increase in general performance.

A great workout at a gym in your office area or a huge discount at a local gym can relieve work-related stresses as well. Employees will re-enter the workplace with an open mind, ready for their work for the day. A good fitness program also means less missed days of work so your company’s schedule can stay on track. Even better, it can help you save money on health care.

#5. Short massages

It is no secret that sitting at a desk all day is not good for the body. It affects your posture, circulation, metabolism, muscle strength, energy levels, and the general well-being of your body. This is where the idea of massage comes in.

Investing in a massage therapy for your employees will bring the rewards of increased employee engagement, reduced sick leave, and an improved sense of well-being around the workplace. The massages should be about 15-20 minutes long and chair-based, rather than on a bed.

The primary focus is on the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, the perfect antidote for 9 hours of sitting in front of a computer. It may seem trivial. A short massage over a 9/10-hour period will relieve the pressure on the neck and reduce tension.

#6. Short nap time

It is time to rethink the phrase “don’t sleep on the job”. More companies are starting to allow employees to take short naps on the job. This is in a bid to have them more productive throughout the day. Allowing employees to take a 20-minute power nap on a comfy recliner or couch will make a big difference. Sleep not only helps people be more productive, it helps them be less stressed and more creative.

#7. Better use of space and furniture

Successful and popular companies design their offices to offer ample space and comfort. Not every company has the budget to offer Google style offices. But, small changes to the working environment can go a long way. An investment in ergonomic furniture and effective use of space could increase productivity by up to 64%.

#8. Encourage a sense of humor and laughter

A sense of humor fosters camaraderie. Camaraderie, in turn, fosters a sense of unity among employees. This in turn causes workers to put forth more effort without asking. No more trying to sneak up on them before they slip out to ask for a little extra time or effort. They do it with joy, and without all the warnings and threats. Studies show laughter increases productivity and help employees cope with stress. Employees who laugh are also more creative and have a better memory retention.

#9. Encourage healthy food options

Do meetings at your office mean bagels and doughnuts? And the kitchen stocked with processed snacks? Employee productivity will suffer. Providing healthier options will keep your team off the “sugar roller coaster”. This will make them more focused on their work.

Swap the fatty, sugary, salty, caffeinated offerings. Instead, stock up on fruits, nuts, veggies, water, juice, and other healthy alternatives. Unhealthy diets of processed foods, added sugar, and refined grains do more harm. These unhealthy snacks could lead to increased feelings of anxiety and depression.

Diet plays a significant role in mood, stress, fatigue, concentration, and productivity. Workers will quit lagging from carbs overloads and sugar crashes. Doing this will also help you reduce your health insurance costs.

What tips do you have to increase workplace productivity?

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