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Top Trending VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business in the UK

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VoIP phone system for small businesses in the UK, better than Landline or traditional phone system. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is an advanced business communication technology that has transformed the business communication. This internet-based phone system is customizable that gives users the best experience with a dynamic communication solution. By employing a cloud phone system for small business UK, businesses can enhance their productivity and better control over their team.

VoIP Business provides feature-rich VoIP phone systems for small businesses in the UK. VoIP adaptability is growing rapidly because the technology is reliable, fast, and cheap compared to traditional telephony.

This article will provide you information about how the business VoIP system works and how a VoIP phone can be beneficial for your small business in the UK and how your business can perform better in the 21st century.

The features provided by VoIP are exceptional, including auto-attendant IVR, Call Recording, Voice mail to mail, Audio-Video conferencing, etc. VoIP technology has countless benefits. But, the significant advantages of the VoIP system are cost-effectiveness and scalability.

What Is VoIP and How Does It Work?

VoIP is also referred to as Voice over internet protocol or internet telephony that allows users to make and receive phone calls through the internet. This system works by converting analog voice signals into digital packets, and then these packets are transmitted over the internet.

The VoIP system enables users to make phone calls from and to anywhere around the world with an active internet connection.

Since the advancement in the telecom industry, the voice over IP has become the most common business communication tool for small businesses in the UK and all over the world, the modern VoIP phone system allows businesses to make inbound and outbound calls using the internet and gets rid of old expensive PBX phone services.

By deployingVoIP phone system for small business UK, businesses can enjoy feature-rich phone solution at a fraction of the cost. With the VoIP platform, companies can easily take benefits of many advanced features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automated Call Distributor queues, music-on-hold, HD conferencing up to 20+ users, etc. Moreover, the VoIP Phone system is a highly flexible, adaptable, and portable phone system, which means no need extra charges for changing locations or no need to maintain any hardware on-premises.

Top 3 Advantages of Small Business VoIP Phone Systems

  • Cost Saving Solution
  • Flexibility & Portability
  • Managing teams with VoIP

Cost Saving Solution

VoIP phone systems are cheaper than a traditional phone system or PSTN. While installing a traditional phone system, businesses need to add long copper wires, dedicated desk phones, and PBX hardware. Also, they need to pay high monthly bills or charges for each separate phone line or high rate international calls. On the contrary VoIP phone system provides low cost domestic and international calls, and no hardware or equipment is required to install. Your VoIP providers are responsible for managing everything. Similarly, organizations do not need to pay extra for repairs or maintenance. Thanks to VoIP solutions, businesses can work smoothly and steadily. With VoIP calling, companies can also use their pre-existing landline phone with an adaptor.

Do Businesses Really Need to Think More to Adopt VoIP Technology?

VoIP phone

VoIP is more reliable, flexible, and feature-rich business phone system and has a proven record of over 40+ years, and 99.9% users are satisfied with this technology. The countless benefits that VoIP technology provides are not possible with traditional phone system.

Flexibility & Portability

VoIP phone technology provides greater flexibility and companies can add one or multiple users whenever required. Thus, businesses don’t need any unnecessary wires to support users.

With Auto Attendant feature or Virtual Receptionist (VR) features companies can effectively direct phone calls to all domestic and international areas.

VoIP technology is easily portable to a different location. There are no tools or materials required for transfer. Also, you don’t have to buy additional numbers while shifting your office.

Distance is not an issue for the VoIP platform, for example; if your boss is calling from head office and you are in some other part of the country, you can still pick up the office phone calls. The VoIP system really enhances business communication.

Team Managing with VoIP

A VoIP phone system is excellent for managing teams and for collaboration with the employees. The remote working may not be possible without the VoIP system, it has made remote work a common trend while nobody might have thought about this technology just a decade before.

Now Small and large enterprises can enjoy the same benefits by acquiring VoIP team collaboration features like CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Just by Signup and make calls anywhere around the globe.

If you want to get experience for the VoIP phone system for small businesses in the UK. Try free virtual calling, Sign-up with a free 30-day trial with VoIP Business.

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