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6 Breakthrough Strategies for Getting Work Done!

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Stop wasting your time! – 6 Breakthrough strategies to getting your work done!

One thing we know is…..time flies!

And…..we are the captain steering the wheel. This is our ride.

We are all busy working long hours in our business. Trying to make a better more successful like than maybe we lived growing up.

Times are much different now. Small online businesses are blooming left and right like the dandelions are in your backyard.

Most often talking with other entrepreneurs, you will hear in the chatter; “I wish I had more time.”

We all wish we had Just a little more time. Because then, we could get that project done by summer. Or, launch the new course in time for the holidays. See Why Beginners Fail 

The truth is, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. How effective we are during the day, determines how to use and manage our time.

Without further do, let’s break through the 6 strategies that prove to be the most effective in getting your work done!

#1 Decide what you want

Write a list of what you want or need to get done. Without knowing exactly what it is you need; you’ll find yourself wasting valuable time.


For instance; when I go to the store without a written list of what I need to get, I find myself wondering all over the store trying to remember the most important things and before I know it, what should have been a 10 min quick in/out trip to the store turns into a 30 min anxiety driven drag.

Follow these rules when deciding what you want:

  • Determine what you want
  • Work your goal backward
  • Break down your goal into action steps
  • Choose 3-5 action steps for the day

#2 Use a calendar system

There are so many calendar systems now that can keep your business organized.

 A few examples are:

  • Monday.com
  • Trello
  • Google Calendar
  • Calendar

My personal favorite is Trello. Trello has things called boards where you can write like the main idea for a category. In each board, you add a card, and to each card a list. I like to create a workflow type calendar where I can move a task from: to do-in development-pending-complete.

If your preference is in written format, rather then digital, try these workflow tips:

  • Whiteboard
  • The sticky note strategy
  • Business planner
  • Notebook

When using a calendar system or workflow just remember to stay consistent. Check your calendar daily and determine your to-do list accordingly.

When using consistently and kept updated regularly, a calendar system can save you loads of time and keep you from sliding off the grid.

#3 Find your time zone

What is a time zone, and how do I find my time zone?

Basically, this the time of the day where you work the best. While some people find early mornings their most productive time of the day, others are more efficient in the evening.

Determine what time zone you get the most done in by noticing when you are the most productive during your day.

Some things to think about when finding your time zone:

  • Least distractions
  • The time you can work steadily for 1-3 hours
  • Energy levels during that time

Schedule your most important tasks during your zone.

See 20 Powerful Time Management Tips For Your Small Business

#4 Use time frames for tasks

In a traditional workplace where regularly scheduled meetings are common, an agenda will be present of topics to cover. On the agenda, each topic will have a time next to it. This is the amount of time dedicated to spending on that topic.

We will do this using our to-do list, because if it works great in a traditional workplace environment that why not use it at home!

Next to each task, write down how much time you will spend working on it.

For instance;

-Write and send emails (20 min)

-Make phone calls to prospects (30 min)

-Design layout for your project (15 min)

Once you have times for each task, you’ll be ready to tackles these to-dos with ease!

#5 Crush Hour

I love this strategy so much!

Read the comments in my blog post –TIME HACKS FOR BUSY ENTREPRENEURS and see what others have to say about crush hour! 

Honestly, when I’m not using crush hour, I don’t get everything done on my to-do list. This whole process comes together and each one is important to do before getting to crush hour for the most effective time breakthrough!

Follow these steps for crush hour breakthrough:

  1. Schedule your time zone out in your planner
  2. Remove any distractions (silencing phone, notifications, etc.)
  3. Get out your completed to-do list with time frames
  4. Start with your biggest/longest task
  5. Set your timer
  6. Work non-stop until your timer goes off
  7. Continue to keep your focused moving along through your tasks

You know how you work best. I noticed for me; two crush hours work best for me. There are people like Alex Becker who can work multiple hours in the morning without getting up and eating or needing a break. Others may need shorter time sprouts.

When you use this strategy, you’ll discover how effective and efficient it can be to produce the most productive work.

#6 Set Deadlines and Follow-up

“A goal without a deadline is just a wish”

Be held accountable for your business goals by setting deadlines. When you create deadlines, you create a sense of urgency. This also turns your goal into an actionable step.

There may be some finished projects or tasks that you will need to follow up on.

When completing a bigger goal. Use a checklist, marking each task until they are all complete for that goal. Then follow up with that goal once all steps are complete to see what the next thing to do is (if needed).

Maybe this goal full of tasks will lead to another bigger goal. Connecting the two. If this is the case, continue the same steps in this article applying the exact same strategies. Before you know it, everything will be done, and your goal will be complete!

Yay! Congratulation, once you apply these steps to your online business, you too will be a master of your time!


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