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Make the Basement, Build up a Strong Business

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The modern world is full of challenges. At one glance it is difficult to discover or do something that will stand as a piece of news or will be original to others. Consequently making an impression is none of the easy things do, especially when the competition is very high.

So how should the new companies operate in order to have a good flow of clients and in order to maintain their level despite the highly competitive market?

There are several factors, which affect the efficiency and productivity of every company. We will try to focus on the most important ones and give you some outlook on the examples.

The Basement

If you are a type of company that is mainly focused on the money-making and does not really care about the name or the content, this section is definitely not for you. Though, in any other case, you are more than welcome to join.

The question is, how did everything start? Were you sitting with your friend, family members or a partner and came up with a brilliant idea, or you dreamt about it and decided to make it real, does not really matter. What matters is, how do you develop your initial idea and how you pack it.

The major risk factor of every startup business is that everything already exists, maybe in small doses but it exists and you have to be really innovative in order to be in the center of attention.

The major mistake, which is usually made by startup businesses is that they never make research.

Thinking that your idea is the best and you will be the most successful is very good for yourself and motivation, but let the numbers speak. It is said that about 80% of businesses with employees will survive their first year in business. (The most recent data shows that, of the small businesses that opened in March 2016, 79.8% made it to March 2017.)

These statistics mean that you have to be careful with your ideas and make the right calculations in order to appear in 80% of successful businesses.

Do not rely only on your enthusiasm or on your friends’ comments that it is going to work. Trust but double-check. Make research, go through the websites, through the reviews of the similar to your idea business models and make sure that you will be able to offer something different and will be able to say your world in the industry.

The 1st Floor

After you made sure that you will be the one, who will be able to turn words into actions, start thinking about the needs. Does your idea need any sophistication, do you need to make any kind of amendments and apply it to the needs of the market and clients.

If so, do not be lazy to edit the initial idea and be eager to make it needy as well as easily understandable.

Right after the basement, there comes the 1st floor. This is the time when you should start thinking about packaging your product. The more attractive it looks like, the more clients you have.

Pack it according to the idea of your product. There should not be different ideas behind it, otherwise, it will be disturbing and messy for the costumer. Your branding should represent your personality. Say what you want to say and express yourself in the best way possible. This is sincere way to show your costumers, and evolve loyalty towards you.

2nd Floor

The packaging is the most important but after the packaging, how you deliver it to costumers is of highly privileged subjects. You should know, what kind of sources of information your costumers use, how often do they visit the sources and how actively involved they are. According to that make your strategy and get the target.

Choosing the target correctly will determine your successful communication bridge afterward. It can be Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter. Anything that you think will benefit you and your business development.

While sketching your strategy on marketing campaigns, acknowledge one thing, give your costumers, something that they might not need but deeply want. Make an interactive social media campaign, and make them very vivid. This will definitely be memorable and work as a pop-up in time of need. The source of communication is the lock to the hearts of your costumers, and the right social media campaign is the key to the lock.


So that now, you got the idea of how the general structure works, make sure that you use correct words for the communication. By that, we mean that, work on your theme or motto. It should include all the keywords, emotional and laconic as well. Usually, this takes a lot of time, effort and brainstorming.

Think of something that represents your desires and which is also very true. Brainstorming on the motto does not only make a good wording, but it also helps you within your company and your employees, this is the time when you really hear ideas about what everybody thinks about the cooperation and working process. This is when you know that there is a connection fixed between the two sides of the wire. The better you perform the higher you get, with the ranking and the feedbacks, the moment you feel down, the elevation goes down simultaneously.


The last, but not least is the garage. This is the place where you keep all of your materials and back up plans and take them whenever needed. Garage for you works like a generator. Always have something to update and somethings to return, when there is a need for that. Keep valuable ideas and actions, do not use all of them at the moment.

The structure of the house is very similar to the building of the process of your own business. In order to build a high building, you should have a strong basement and construction. Once you have rigid construction, you can start adding the floors and designing it. The better it looks from the outside the more people will be interested and fascinated. Once they enter, the service and the interior must be even better, in order to keep them in, warm and comfortable.

Those are the elements, which will assist you in appearing in 80% of the successful businesses. Once you have done the research and chosen the right strategy you are free to experiment and constant updates. Work on the improvement of yourself and others will most likely notice you and rely on you.

“Every man must decide, whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness”. Martin Luther King Jr.

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