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The Motley Fool vs. Zacks Trade; Which is Right for You?

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Finding stock recommendations that you can trust can be challenging for new and seasoned investors. In this post, we will compare The Motley Fool and Zacks Trade investing services for you. Whether you are looking for stock advice for active investing or prefer passive investment opportunities, you need to do your homework.

Having received a wide range of success, The Motley Fool and Zacks Trade are popular companies in the investing space. But which is right for you? The Motley Fool offers excellent stock advice utilizing their profitable investment strategy, and Zacks Trade provides a brokerage platform best suited for advanced traders.

Therefore, your financial goals will highly influence which company is right for you. And both of these companies’ services will come at a price. Let’s dive into who these companies are and what they have to offer.

Who is The Motley Fool?

The Motley Fool is a financial and investing advice company that offers free and premium services for investors. These services include a variety of stock recommendations and metrics along with educational resources from financial experts.

Created in 1993 as a small-town investment newsletter by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool has grown to serve millions of people worldwide. And for a good reason, The Gardner Brothers have proven themselves as stock market experts over and over again.

The Motley Fool is your one-stop shop for financial advice and literature. The Gardner brothers were writers before they took on the stock market. Therefore, they have documented their accomplishments every step of the way. They know the importance of providing detailed literature about investing, from essential how-to guides to explaining advanced NASDAQ metrics.

The Motley Fool is an excellent option for first-time investors. Taking the plunge into the stock market is often intimidating. But It doesn’t have to be. It turns out that most people who play the stock market will lose.

Therefore, having access to financial experts’ proven successes is the best way to boost your portfolio. The Motley Fool has played the stock market and won; read more about their performance in our Motley Fool review.

The Motley Fool’s Legitimacy

Having set out to make the world brighter, happier, and wealthier, the Gardner Brothers share their financial portfolios with their members. And these numbers speak for themselves.

In the last two decades, the Gardner brothers have had their fair share of success in the stock market. For example, they average a 600% return on their stock picks during the same period that an average S&P 500 will see a 133% return. For a deeper diver into stock returns, take a look at Modest Money’s blog post of The Motley Fool’s recent stock picks and recommendations.

The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor

The Motley Fool’s most popular membership option is their stock advisor. As a Foolish member, you’ll receive:

  • An in-depth analysis of two stock picks per month.
  • A list of 10 of The Motley Fool’s most recent stock recommendations. New stock picks routinely update.
  • A list of 10 starter stocks. These are popular household stocks that will provide diversity within your portfolio.
  • Transparency through access to all of their stock picks throughout the years. You will not just get information on the percentage of stocks that have done well. They do not hide their stock picks that aren’t winners.

The Motley Fool utilizes diversification within their recommendation of obtaining 25-30 stocks in your portfolio. Their buy-and-hold philosophy is great for passive investors that want to sit back and watch their money work for them.

If you are more interested in active trading with the possibility of higher returns, The Motley Fool’s Rule Breakers program might be more suitable for you. The Rule Breakers program matches the Fool philosophy of breaking the rules. The stock market isn’t just for financial experts, just like stocks aren’t always following the same pattern.

Rule Breaking stocks disrupt the market by yielding high returns quickly. Think of companies like Netflix, Amazon, or Apple. They can skyrocket overnight or over the course of a few years. Read our Motley Fool’s Rule Breaker program review for more information.

Zacks Trade

Developed in 1976 for experienced traders, Zacks Trade is an online broker based in Chicago, Illinois. Often referred to as Zacks, this financial company utilizes the Interactive Brokerages (IBKR) platform for clearing services. As a result, you can expect similar IBKR services from a Zacks membership.

Zacks also offers financial information on data and news to help seasoned investors make better investments, and you must maintain a minimum investment within your account. You can take advantage of their free brokers-assisted training program.

In other words, Zacks allows you to buy stocks and do your research without the bells and whistles. There are no notifications or alerts sent to your mobile device or computer. If you want to utilize these services, you must log on to a computer.

The Motley Fool Vs. Zacks Trade

To fully benefit from either of these platforms, you must join their premium services. The Motley Fool offers a variety of services and bundles. Therefore, your overall price will depend on which offer you take advantage of and for how long. You will receive an array of stock pick recommendations, alerts

Zacks runs their platform with trade commission fees and a premium membership option. With these services, you’re going to get in-depth stock research, multiple trading programs, and international trading.

To get a complete overview of each price point, make sure to read The Motley Fool Vs. Zacks Trade; Which Service is a Better Value?

Which is More Suitable For You?

The Motley Fool and Zacks Trade are trusted, valuable options for investing services whether you are a seasoned investor or just beginning the exciting journey to building wealth.

You might think you shouldn’t fix something if it isn’t broken. The stock market isn’t broken, but it is evolving. New generations of traders are changing the game entirely. It’s crucial to keep up. As the stock market because more competitive, having an edge on the market is the best way to stay on top.

Zacks is an excellent low-cost option for active traders that are tried and true. On the contrary, The Motley Fool stays at relatively the same price point with many modern services to match the stock market’s evolution.

Join The Motley Fool today to start making your money work for you!


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