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The Motley Fool Stock Picks: Why Millennials Could Benefit from Investment Advice

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If you are not familiar with the term millennial, it refers to a person born anywhere between 1981 and 1996. Born at the cusp of a new millennium, this generation has digitized its way to the 21st century. They experienced the explosion of technology firsthand and have largely contributed to its growth.

Unfortunately, technology and economic stability haven’t gone hand in hand. The cost of living, inflation, and stagnating wages have unmasked a harsh financial reality for millennials.

Millennial’s Financial Crisis

More millennials are living with their parents than ever before in recent history.  Becoming financially independent, getting out of debt, and saving might seem like a long shot if you live this reality. And most are not even beginning to think about retirement.

On the flip side, more millennials are diving into investing. With the popularization of brokerage apps like M1 Finance and Robinhood, investing is easier than ever before. However, the majority of millennial investors are opting to skip financial advice and choosing to go it alone.

Robinhood’s simple interface with celebratory emojis and animated notifications generates a game-like experience for its users. Except this isn’t a game, this is your hard-earned money.

Let’s face it, as a millennial, you are your greatest enemy when investing. The stock market isn’t a trend that will make you a millionaire overnight. It takes a lot of studying, hard work, and planning to see returns. Do you have the time to master the stock market while trying to surpass your own financial hardships? Doubtful.

The Motley Fool, an Investment Advisor

There are people that have been tackling the stock market for likely as long as you have been alive. The Motley Fool, initiated by the Gardner brothers in 1993, began offering investment advice by showing results. They have played in the stock market and won.

The Gardner Brothers are the pioneers of stock market benevolence. Like Shakespeare’s Motley Fool, they bridge the gap between the havers and the have nots. Redistributing wealth and impacting lives is a critical point in their investing philosophy. They are rule-breakers in the stock exchange.

The Motley Fool; Rule Breakers in Stock Picking

The Motley Fool offers money management advice, including well-researched, low-risk stock picks. Their rule-breakers subscription allows you to gain access to their high-growth stock picks. These are industry disruptors that have catapulted to success and taken several investors with them.

Think about financial leaders like Etsy, Apple, and Amazon. Yes, The Motley Fool got in on the ground floor of these colossal stock picks. Of course, not every stock pick is going to be a winner. But that’s the beauty of the Motley Fool; they are transparent about success and failure.

Remember, the numbers speak for themselves, and The Motley Fool has proven time and time again that their stock picks are legit. Take a look and see how their recent stock picks are adding up.

Can The Motley Fool Beat the Stock Market?

With a 60-70% stock pick success rate and returns that surpass average investor picks by yielding 600% higher returns, I would think we can safely say that The Motley Fool is a force in the stock exchange.

So when you invest your time, energy, and most importantly, money with The Motley Fool, what do you get?

The Motley Fool Investing Philosophy

You gain access to the Motley Fool investing philosophy, and you can curtail their premium services around your specific needs. If you want the basic package, you will receive:

  • Two new stock picks every month, recommended by a team of financial experts
  • Ten timely buys chosen from over 300 stocks
  • Foundation, household names, stock recommendations for new and experienced investors
  • Entry into the world’s most significant community of financial professionals, where you will have access to their educational materials.

The Motley Fool offers this premium stock pick advisor service monthly for what you’d spend at four or five trips to Starbucks. But is it worth it? It all depends on your financial goals and how you plan to invest.

Suppose you are newcomer and have no idea what investment planning is or haven’t determined your financial goals but are ready to begin. In that case, diving into investing with the Motley Fool is beneficial.

Even if you are a seasoned investing millennial, taking a risk and investing in the stock market on your own can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. The Motley Fool has a team of advisors that will assess your financial situation and custom-build an investment portfolio to meet your financial goals.

Look, the stock market might be breakable to some, but the notion that you will hit it big through a day trading app is slim to none. Avoid the pitfalls of investing by seeking professional help.

The Motley Fool has Your Back

Following the “Golden Rule” of ethics mantra, The Motley Fool gives you the stock picks they would utilize themselves. They want to see you succeed because, in turn, that means that they succeed. The idea that investing is just for the financially literate or entrepreneurs is a past perception.

The future is in millennials paving their way past Corporate America by going within Corporate America. Rejecting tried and true financial advisement doesn’t make you a rebel or a rule breaker. It makes you, what the Motley Fool loving dubs, a fool.

It’s only wrong to be a fool if you aren’t capitalizing on the assistance right in front of you. Become a part The Motley Fool today to pave a new path for millennials and start a journey to financial freedom.

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