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A Benzinga Pro Review

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Benzinga Pro, not to be confused with the Bazinga catchphrase dubbed so lovingly by the Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper, is an online financial service meant to help newcomer investors. By bringing Wall Street’s real-time data to the average investor, Benzinga Pro offers financial proficiency with a click of a mouse. Or even more accessibly, to the palm of your hand through a mobile application.

What is Benzinga Pro?

Developed far from New York City’s financial epicenter, Jason Raznick created Benzinga Pro in the basement of his Michigan home. It is a stock screening company that provides its customer base with all things financial information. Comprising financial news, educational resources, and a community-based platform, Benzinga Pro will assist your dive into the investing world from the very minute you choose to open a brokerage account.

With over 16 million monthly visitors, you can say that Raznick’s data technology startup has been received well. But is it the best stock trading news feed? Benzinga Pro generates new content daily by expert thought leaders while managing a library full of easily searchable educational material. They are giving their consumers a step ahead of stock market trends and access to data-driven metrics.

Face it; the majority of people lose money in the stock market. This reality can make investing in the stock market intimidating. It can be downright scary to someone that has no idea what they are doing. Benzinga Pro can give you the trading tools to make low-risk investments with confidence.

Empowering Financial Investors Through a Know-How Attitude

Targeted towards active traders, Benzinga Pro delivers Wall Street reporting to the masses. This startup has grown from just Raznick’s commentary to a group of reporters on the front line. Therefore giving you the best tool in the stock market exchange, wisdom.

This astute mega-hub rejects the sociological hierarchy by allowing a doer attitude to build wealth. Raznick promotes this philosophy by shaping his software company around the fundamental analysis needed to play and win the markets. You can find this superior groundwork in Benzinga Pro’s Squawk Box.

Benzinga Pro’s Squawk Box

You will have streamlined access to economic factors and essential market information through Benzinga Pro’s Squawk Box. This service is an automated live broadcast, relaying real-time data through the newsfeed platform. Learn to get the most of your Squawk Box from a financial pro.

Like most live news sources, Benzinga Pro Squawk coverage isn’t operational 24 hours a day. Since trading can still take place any time of day, this feature can affect the risk management of after-hours trades, especially if you are inclined to follow swing trades. The Mindful Trader might be your next best bet for a data-driven stock market alert system.

Learning Tool or a Competitive Edge?

You might assume that the communication can run into a podcast-like commentary when you hear live coverage. You’re not wrong. Benzinga Pro is where technical functionality plus insider tips and tricks collide.

It’s a fact that the stock market is a competitive marketplace but is it saturated? If all investors pool together, what will give you an advantage over your competition by accessing the same information as everyone else? Benzinga Pro has data straight from the desk of CEOs that you cannot get anywhere else—getting you on the insider track of investment trends and news.

Benzinga Pro offers a customizable landscape to the fiery investors, the ones that take this serious and do the work. You can create your own workspace with handpicked content, data, alerts, and a general feel of your interests. This gives you the focus you need to master your market.

What Services Does Benzinga Pro Offer?

There are three packages that you can purchase through Benzinga Pro. These plans are:

  • The Basic Package

This service is the most basic membership and will give you access to the newsfeed, delayed quotes, watchlist alerts, key stock stacks, the Movers program, and the calendar suite.

  • The Essential Package

As the most popular option, this package offers every basic membership feature plus real-time quotes, audio squawk, access to the community forum, sentiment indicators, and the Signals program.

  • The Benzinga Options Mentorship Plan

The highest membership offers everything from the essential package plus trading mentorship and education, access to the inner circle chatroom, and a regular market overview of a winning trade strategy.

Is Benzinga Pro Right For You?

Is the complete investment guide not cutting it? Are you ready to drop the amateur status and upgrade to an expert? Then Benzinga Pro is right for you.

With a powerful calendar suite, you can masterfully plan around the information you need. This feature is excellent for busy investors.

If you’re looking for a driven newsfeed but trying to avoid the price of Bloomberg, Benzinga Pro is an affordable option. You can purchase the Basic package for around $100 a month, which is a fraction of the cost of an actual financial advisor.

Benzinga Pro gives you the tools to take control of your funds by maximizing your value in the stock market. You can become proficient in making your money work for you, start a free 14-day trial now.

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