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4 Things Those Who are Frugal Refuse to Do

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Acting frugally is hard. Not because it’s hard not to spend money, but because it’s difficult to spend money efficiently. Frugal doesn’t mean saying “no” to everything, but there are a few things that truly frugal, or money efficient, people just don’t do. Take these unconventional tips and tricks and put them to use for your life. Some will impact your everyday actions; others will only come upon a rare occasion.

Purchase Single-Use or Limited-Use Items

What counts as a single-use or limited use item? Well, they are exactly what they sound like. How often will you wear that Fourth of July shirt or Halloween costume? Paying for single-use plastic bags adds up too. But you can take a different stance on what single or limited use means too, what about that trendy top? Sure, scrunchies and fanny packs are back now but for how long?

To avoid single or limited use items shop for items that have lasting power. Build a wardrobe with versatile items and opt-out of holiday outfits. You can still dress up but focus on fun accessories that you can wear throughout the whole season rather than on one day.

Accept Low Settlements

Hopefully, you’re not dealing with insurance companies very often, but it’s likely that sometime in your life this event will come up. You will have a settlement coming your way and experience stunning disappointment when you open the check. Although it might require the help of a lawyer or a finance professional, you can push for a settlement closer to what you deserve. For example, viaticals often hit people hard. These settlements are meant to help the living with terminal diagnoses benefit from a life insurance policy. The downside is that many companies involved in viatical offer unreasonably low settlements.

Exclusively Buy Brand Names

Is there a difference between Coke-a-Cola and the off-brand? Maybe. It’s not likely that a huge company like Coke offers its products to off-labels, but there are many cases where it is exactly the same product. By all means, buy brand names that you know and trust. But if it’s a choice between a brand you don’t care about and an off-label option, choose the cheaper option. Off-brands exist based on a business model that allows many “off-label brands” to repackage the same product, so it may not be the best, but it’s likely the same thing as a well-known brand.

Shop Last Minute

Shopping last minute or running to the store for “just one thing” is a big deal. For the frugally minded people, they recognize that in doing this, you are wasting gas, time, and money. Three major resources in one short trip to the store! So how do you plan and avoid last minute shopping trips? We could give you the same old advice of making a menu and having a list, but that would be pointless. To avoid last minute shopping trips, make back up plans, and shop for versatile ingredients. Some people always keep ingredients for a single dish such as spaghetti or chicken and rice. They’re nothing to write home about, but you can change dinner plans in a flash.

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