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7 Steps To Become a UI/UX Designer

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Acquiring tools to become a user experience (UX) master is now key to online success. Whether you want to become a designer yourself, or you want to improve your site’s UX, there are tools to improve your skills.

Here are the 7 steps to becoming a UI/UI designer. Also read a comprehensive guide to give you a head start in the design industry in the Ramotion blog.

Familiarize Yourself

Before you can start on your own UI/UX designer journey, you need to familiarize yourself with key psychological principles to good design.

They include:

  • Color: Understand the psychology of colors. Create a color vocabulary. Learn the fundamentals of color in the design.
  • Balance: Understanding what symmetry and asymmetry is and how to effectively balance your designs.
  • Contrast: Create focus and organize information by using contrast.
  • Typography: Selecting fonts that work well together and convey the psychological message. Learn to use fonts that are more UX friendly.
  • Consistency: Creating an intuitive design that is based on principle and flow.

Learn The Creative Process

In UI/UX there is a flow to the design process. Imagine a chart with a “double diamond.” That includes: discover, define, develop and deliver.

  • Discover: This is the beginning. This is when a UX designer starts to put some ideas together.
  • Define: The designer will figure out the framework/goal of the idea, based on the information gathered during the design process.
  • Develop: This crucial step is when prototypes are made, and the design is tested. This is the opportunity to make alterations that may not have been anticipated in the original thought process.
  • Delivery: The final product is completed and launched.

Develop Your Eye For Design

Training your eye to instantly understand what is good design and what is bad is essential for UI/UX success.

Continuously research and search for inspiration. This is how to keep your mind and your critical eye focused on good design.

Look at places like Dribble or ui movement for the best UI designers and their latest ideas.

Read Articles Everyday

Your morning routine will benefit from looking over good design while you enjoy your daily rituals. This is a way to start your day with design in mind.

Now is an opportunity to mention that making time for creativity each and every day is essential to the success of a UI/UX designer. Checking out blogs, going on museum dates and keeping your mind focused on creativity and solutions will help you develop the mindset needed to be successful in this business.

Design Fake Projects

There is nothing better than a little practice. Why not redesign a website or an app? Use a tool like UI kits and redesign and learn.

Keep up With the Latest Design Tools

While there is a cornucopia of design tools out there, select the ones that you need to learn. From there, keep adding new tools to your kit. For example, knowing and using Adobe XD will be time well spent in mastering your craft.

Learn them so well that they are second nature to you. You do not want to be focused on anything but design.

Get a Mentor

A design mentor can help you navigate your new career. They can also help steer you into a creative thinking mode that allows you to instantly brainstorm solutions.

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