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Great Tips to Pick the Right Domain for Your Business

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The domain of your website is a digital street address. Even if you throw fresh coats of design on your website, without a good domain name, you will be losing clients before they see the site. 

Choosing the right name is important for the success of your company. With an incorrect name, it may be a hassle to switch later without affecting your search rankings and brands. This is why you need to choose the best name from the very start. Whether you need to establish an e-commerce store or carve out an online presence, service providers like OVHcloud can offer a solution for your website purposes and needs. With the solution and surefire ways of choosing domain names, you will be able to make the right decision. Some of these ways include the following:

Consider Brand Name

The best domain name needs to reflect the brand of your business. According to some reports, approximately 80% of customers buy based on the brand attached to products. What it is even crazy is that almost 90% of buying decisions are subconsciously made depending on business brands with a positive feeling.

Brands may take more time to grow, and including an exceptional name in your website will ensure you gain recognition, increase visits, and stand out in the market. Therefore, when creating your domain as well as brand name, ensure you use any existing trademarks or brand names.

Choose a TLD

Technically, the .com is one of the TLDs, which are available. While there are fancy and tempting TLDs, getting a classic domain name extension is always the best thing to do. This is because many people are more conversant with the .com domain.

Another reason is that .com is used by around 50% of all websites. However, apart from the .com extension, you can also use other TLDs, such as:

  • .ovh
  • .ltd
  • .org
  • .me

Prioritize Simplicity

The most popular sites globally, including Facebook, CNN, and Yahoo, all have one thing in common – simplicity. Your visitors must be in a better position to type the domain name of your website without problems.

If you keep on explaining the spelling of your domain more than once, then it’s too complicated!

An easy domain needs to roll off the tip of the tongue of your visitors. Therefore, choose a name that is catchy to share it with friends and other potential customers.

Pick Terms That Represent Your Website

There are numerous ways of getting ideas for domain names. You may base the website domain on an existing business or your name. However, the key ingredient is a domain name with strong keywords.

Similar to SEO (search engine optimization), strong keywords can help you generate more traffic by helping your website rank well in the search engine result. In addition, keywords may help potential clients understand the niche and goals of your website much better.

Avoid Using Numbers and Hyphens 

Hyphens and numbers may be a sign of spam domains and may also be subjected to typos. If you use a domain with hyphens and numbers just because the name you wanted is taken already, your customers may end up at the site of your competitor when they forget to include a hyphen.

Use Thesaurus for Ideas

Although it’s important to pick a brandable and simple to memorize domain, choosing a perfect name can be a hassle. This is because, at times, you will need to go through hundreds of terms before you settle on the perfect one. In this case, Thesaurus may be the ultimate solution and weapon in your arsenal.

Thesaurus will provide you with synonyms and quick definitions to ensure you avoid making the wrong decision.

Leave a Room to Expand

It is wise to narrow down to a domain, which is related to your niche or industry because it offers customers an idea of what your site is all about. However, you should not limit your long term options. For instance, if you are a florist, you might pick a domain, such as, but then again, you may want to expand your business and start selling other types of flowers apart from orchids. In this case, the name may prevent you from attracting clients interested in other kinds of flowers.

Shifting to another domain may be stressful and may result in losing search rankings, particularly when you do things wrongly. Because of this, you need to choose a flexible domain from the beginning.

In a Nutshell

A domain name is among the things visitors will see and may influence your brand and website’s impression. This is the reason why you need to carefully choose a good domain so as to drive web traffic and enhance user interest.

To successfully choose a good domain name, tips, such as using strong keywords, prioritizing simplicity, and choosing a popular TLD will be in handy.

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