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Why is a high-quality website important?

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Not every person nowadays has an Internet page in one or several social networks, but most businesses have a website. It is now necessary to be on the Internet; potential Customers prefer to check all information about the Manufacturer/ Vendor before each purchase.

Average Internet user spends up to three hours on the Internet not only for fun but checking websites, reviews, comparisons of potential goods to buy.

Why do you not use such resources? There are many more things that a good quality website can be used for, below are more details.

Why website is vital for every business

1. The face of your business

Every severe approach to business should include the creation of a website in their expenses. Of course, a page in social networks can be enough for small private companies, but for further development, a website is required. The quality of your website will be compared with the quality of your product/service.

The good news is that there are many construction kits with different samples on the Internet that help without IT knowledge to create a good website.

2. Detail information regarding services/products you sell

All contact details and office locations are checked on the Internet. Also, if the customer has a question, it is better to go to your website to find all the required information. It may even happen that originally the customer wanted to find something else, but thanks to search results, he found your resource and decided to buy something from you.

So, it is crucial to have the required content in the area of your interest to catch the user’s attention.

Finally, do not forget to the comparison tables explaining why your product or service is better than other proposals on the market.

3. Possibility of direct contact with a customer

Having on the website the possibility to contact you or your technical support, you will receive feedback of all problems, benefits, and required things to improve from your Customers. Thus, the website will increase your company’s profit in the end as in their eyes you are more trustable, and the more years you have the website, the more trust you receive based on your working experience.

4. The resource to share the latest news and achievements of your Company

News can be different regarding sales and discounts and about new products or improvements of the current ones. Your customers can subscribe to your website and receive the latest news in the emails, increasing the sales number.

5. Your personal advertisement platform

Filling your website with all related information about services/goods you sell and exciting articles and related research, you will receive a target auditory with expenses less than buying advertisements from the Third Parties. Moreover, more than 30% of your clients will find information about you thanks to the website.

6. Estimate the efficiency of your work

On every website you can set statistics reports; there, you can find how many Internet users come each day, what fields of information are the most interested, which product is the most clicked on. This will help you develop only in the most fruitful areas and improve the less popular ones.

I hope that such vivid examples of website necessity proved that it is essential to have the respectable one. Of course, you may ask a designer to create a website for you or do it yourself, but how to understand that all links are working and adequately displayed for customers and search engines include your website in their database.

How to audit your website

If you created a website, it is essential to rank it correctly on the Internet. The owner of the website may check by himself how his site will be ranked using SEO audit. SEO audit is a complex site analysis to find bugs, mistakes, strong and weak parts.

This analysis also checks the logic of your website structure. As the result of the SEO audit, you will see how the website is attracting Customers; what current rank in search engine it has (for example, in Google). You will receive recommendations for correction to make its promotion the most effective.

SEO audit is required not only for the just-launched websites as for the old ones where you want to improve the advertising campaign.

You can test the site for such main parameters:

  • Content analysis (the location of keywords and its logic distribution, fitting all texts to the overall site content)
  • SERP analysis (helps to understand what content is organically attracting the Internet users)
  • Traffic on your website (report period differs based on the request)
  • Website performance (the speed of how quickly the website is loaded in different browsers)
  • Places of possible attacks by viruses
  • Checking how all URL links are working
  • Checking all related websites mentioning your website

Based on SEO analysis, you can create a search strategy for your website, check your competitors, and learn from them; you also receive a recommendation for internal and external improvement of your website.

SEO analysis can be off-page (external), including all external links to your website, to check the traffic. In addition, SEO analysis can be on-page (internal), including if your content is the unique one and if it is structured well or not.


So, the service of a website audit is essential to make your business more profitable. Several companies can propose you off-page and on-page audits by checking all required parameters. The audit will find all mistakes that decrease your rank in search results. The site will be checked from the technical and conceptual sides, as well as site usability. The higher ranked website is more prevalent among competitors and by itself can be a good advertisement.

Moreover, before starting any advertising campaign on other Internet resources, it is also vital to improve your website, as potential customers will check your website before buying your product/service. The results of a high-quality audit depend entirely on the quality of the IT company performing it; choose correctly before applying for this service. Non-professional audits with incorrect reports can lead to a vice versa effect of decreasing the number of customers.

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