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How UI Developers Save Tech Startups

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Far too often fabulous tech is doomed to fail. Why? Software isn’t just functionality. The most important factor is feeling. How the user feels when they interact with your software product is much more important than the actual utility of it.

That is to say, we need software solutions that recognize and respect our time and effort. When users feel as though an app was designed with no consideration for the end-user, they become dissatisfied and won’t turn into customers or if they already are, they will find a new provider, which may be one of your competitors.

Why UI Is So Important

So we need to ask important questions about why we are creating a product, who it affects, and why it generates value. If you don’t generate value for people, you degrade your brand and therefore stymie growth.

UI and UX developers do the necessary research to bridge the gap between functionality and feeling, short-term cash flow, and long-term value.

Rigging systems to drain people of money is not the job of the UI or UX designer, however. That is to say, black hat marketing methodology is nothing new, regardless of how tech-savvy charlatans and con artists dress it up. 

Exploiting people, leveraging biological psychology to create addicts, always undermines the vehicle it supports. That is to say, profitability from explorative marketing tactics is quite slim. Worse still, it undermines the very organization that leverages it, in both the short term and long term.

Branding With Images

Using the various visual and video platforms to push the brand story of the company is the most effective way to drive up engagement and increase conversions. 

The UI of a product or website should reflect the visual branding while channeling the philosophy of the business through the accessibility of the site. 

A site that is easy to navigate is much easier to connect to as the maximized processes make users feel as though the business truly cares. Incorporating all of the aspects that the customer base holds dear into the UI design will create a better sense of cohesion and grant users the feeling of familiarity. 

Growing a sense of community and a shared vision across the customer base is an effective way to gain lifelong support, regardless of the markets.

Visually Striking Designs

Strikingly, visual ads have become more artistic as time has gone on despite the trend of over-explaining taking root. This is to say that companies understand the power of an attractive and compelling image but have now found that the majority of positive responses come from the more aesthetically inclined pieces. 

Jewelry and luxury goods have always prioritized the quality of the image as much as the image of the product itself. 

Utilizing this trend across other deserving industries will give customers a better understanding of the products they are purchasing and what effects they might produce. Users are far likelier to engage with brands that utilize the artistic talent to influence customers naturally. 

UI designers and top web developers are always incorporating new aspects of the brand into the overall design of the site to better convey the brand to a wider market. Assembling your team with experienced leaders and developers is a vital part of creating a successful startup. Furthermore, many successful startups find their talent on freelance job boards which serve as hosts to thousands of talented and experienced managers and developers. 

Clean, Not Overcrowded

Additionally, strong images are far more likely to gain traction when the text is small or altogether nonexistent. Stark images that showcase the quality or brand of a particular company are striking to consumers who will be more likely to engage with an ad that goes against the grain. 

Much of excellent UI design is taking risks that you think will pay off due to a tonal shift in the desired aesthetic across the board. However, almost all companies agree that clean images that showcase the product or service are almost guaranteed to perform better than their text bloated counterparts. 

A dissatisfied customer is a dangerous thing. While your software product may be the biggest app around, there’s no greater business opportunity than a dissatisfied customer.

Take Netflix, for example. It’s a streamlined user interface and painless, no contract billing system made it a behemoth that rivals traditional cable. So while the cable companies lorded over their customers with cumbersome software, they were unwittingly creating a target demo for a new, less predatory company to swoop in and save the day.

This adversarial approach to business is beginning to see its end simply because it is a strategy of nepotism of both ideas and inheritance rather than a strategy of generative value.

This is why UI designers have the power to save tech startups. Young, inexperienced companies have passion and talent, but they may miss the mark by concentrating on facts and figures rather than business fundamentals.

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