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Questions to Ask When Signing a Contract With a Web Development Agency

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People always prefer the best web designing company in the market for their business website, but to find out the best among many is really a daunting task.

You can ask your friends and relatives about their past experience and you will get mixed experiences from them.

Someone can refer to a web developer that is best as per search engine optimization, and others will refer a few web design companies that are specialized in online marketing.

Even if you search some web designing company on Google then you will get a thousand options listed on the search engine, and it is better to check the portfolio of top ten web designing companies from the list showing on Google.

But do you really think that they are capable to showcase your business in the international market?

Although you will get a partial picture from their official website, it is suggested to ask the questions given below to the web development agency before signing a contract:

1. What is the cost of web development and designing?

You can find two types of contracts offered by reliable web development agencies, such as hourly contract and project based contract.

If you have a small business then you cannot afford a huge amount to be invested at an initial stage, and it is better to go for the project based contract in this regard.

Apart from that, after signing the contract with the web development agencies, they may charge you some hidden fees for different services such as SEO, Email marketing, PPC, software upgrade, social media optimization and lots more.

In this case, you must ask all the fees as well as the hidden charges before signing the contract and they must include all these charges in your agreement.

2. What will be the time deadline to complete the website?

You might face some unforeseen problems during website development and the company might also delay your project.

So you must set a deadline for completing the website development and you should take the estimated time written from the web development agency.

Apart from that, do not sit idle during web development and make sure that you must monitor the project all throughout, and inquire about the progress to the web designing agency.

3. Do they provide SEO, information architecture and content strategy?

To build a business website, you must follow some strategy such as SEO or search engine optimization, informative architecture, proper content management system and online marketing tools.

In this regard, you must ask the web development company about these tools, and if they provide such services along with website development then it will be good for you.

Otherwise, you need to hire an SEO company that can work with your web developer to make a well-responsive website for your business.

4. Are they including design and development charges in the same package?

Sometimes web development agencies can say that they can develop your website and they can build your website with layouts.

But after a certain time, you can find some difficulty in your site because they will not design your website with proper coding.

If you ask them to design the website with coding they will charge you additional amounts. In this case, you have to hire a different web designing company that can design your website with proper coding. So make sure that the web development agency includes all charges of web designing and development.

You can contact a reliable web development company like Axis Web Art because here you can find all the services to build a website under one umbrella.

5. Can I get the contacts of people who will be working on my website?

It is a very vital question that you have to ask the web development agency because the technical professionals must share the details of people who are working on your website, and you can easily contact with them according to their respective department.

Generally, web development agencies assign small projects to some junior level designers and outsource all other works to some third party vendor to save their cost.

You are going to launch your business online and make sure that you have the best designers to develop your websites. Otherwise, customers can easily judge your website within a few seconds, and you will not get any positive results from your online business.

6. Will my website be built upon a responsive framework?

Only mobile-friendly websites can rank well on Google and buyers must access your website from all devices. So you should ask the web developer to design your website with a responsive framework.

7. Are they recruiting some freelancers for your projects?

Do you want to sell your company?

Or do you want to compromise with the privacy level of your business?

If not then always ask the web development agency about their nature of work, and if they recruit some freelancers to complete your website designs then simply avoid them.

Because they should not outsource your online business to someone else who is not even connected to your enterprise.

8. Is there a transition plan included?

You must maintain the traffic and sales value of your online business and for that, you need a transition plan for your website.

If the web development company does not include any transition plan in your package then simply switch over to another developer.

In this regard, it is better to go for some professional web designing agency because they always include a transition plan in your package.

9. What will be CMS or content management system for your website?

As we know that there are many CMS platforms available such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Home-grown. You must use a single platform to develop your website, and you must ask the web development agency that what platform they will use for designing your website.

You cannot edit the content on complex CMS platforms and it is better to choose a simple platform for your website.

10. Are they providing any training to use CMS?

Most web development agencies do not provide any training on CMS platforms because they do not run a digital marketing school for their customers. They are the web designing and development agencies, and they have some specific roles to design your website in a proper way.

But in some cases, few web development companies can provide you a short training on CMS, and they will help you to edit and add content in your website.

Apart from that, you must ask the web development agencies about their payment structure before signing the contract, because most of them can charge you huge amount at an initial stage. Even a few of them do not have any online payment gateway on their website.

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