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Steps to Developing a Website Similar to Amazon

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What Is Amazon?

Amazon is a large company that deals with everything from online shopping to music and tv.  They are also responsible for releasing the Kindle, the Kindle Fire tablet, and the Echo. Shoppers from around the world frequently purchase products and services through Amazon’s website.  

Though it’s not required, they do offer a membership service called Amazon Prime.  Amazon Prime members receive benefits such as free shipping on select products, and free access to Amazon TV series and movies.  

Amazon is a multibillion-dollar company, so it’s obvious how popular it is with customers.  This fact alone makes it tempting for developers to create a website like Amazon

Choose a Domain Name

The first thing you should do is choose a domain name.  This will be the name of your website. Some good tips include keeping it simple and easy to remember.  Though it can sometimes be tricky finding a domain that has not been taken, it’s best to take the time to choose an appropriate one.  

Find a Host

Your website will have to be run from a server.  This can be done in your home if you are an expert developer and have the essential equipment.  You may have to upgrade if your site gains traction. This could mean larger services, and better areas for house your servers.  

If you are just beginning, or just want to make it quicker, you can find a host online.  There are many different hosts to choose from. Some common examples include Bluehost, GoDaddy, and iPage.  Each host has its own advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind the costs associated with the hosting site will also need to include extras, such as security and email costs.  If you wish to purchase a webpage template, there will be a cost to that as well. Luckily, the host site is good about providing you with the domain name, as well as the template to get you started.  Payments can be paid in full upfront, or oftentimes even in monthly installments.

Decide on a Platform

The next step is to choose a platform to build your site from.  The hosting site will most likely provide you with a variety of choices.  WordPress and Drupal are two examples. Both platforms enable the user to pull widgets or prewritten codes to create your website.  Some platforms have a better reputation as far as ease is considered. Since you are creating a website like Amazon, you’ll need a commerce option. 

Begin Building the Website

The platform often offers a two-way view of your website.  You can view it as code, or as the page itself. Oftentimes, the platform will suggest things for your site.  It’s probably a good idea to add anything that would affect the core of your website. Adding a commerce feature is essential.  There is quite a bit of work when it comes to developing the commerce section.  

Publish the Site

Once you feel the site has been fully designed and is secure, it’s time to publish the site for the public to view.  There is usually a button you click on which states ”publish.” Once this is done, your site is now visible to the public.  You can visit the site anytime by going through your host, or by typing in the website address in the URL.

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