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Twitter Communication: 6 Keys to Communicate Like a Pro

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As we have seen, Twitter offers many benefits to businesses. However, you must know how to use this network before seeing the benefits! Here are our tips for using Twitter as a brand or company.

With the designation “Twitter”, that is to say, “twitter” in literal French, the social media service founded in 2006 has chosen a name that says a lot about its use. Indeed, just like a bird chirping over long distances, Twitter’s short messages (whose size is limited to 280 characters) are intended to be noticed by as many people as possible but not only

Unlike the classic example of Facebook, Twitter is not about socializing or sharing content with friends. Indeed, the focus is rather on the rapid dissemination of information; a message aims to be read by as many people as possible in the shortest possible time. The important thing is not to be read by specific people, but to reach many people who will follow or share your Twitter contribution (so-called tweets).

Before starting, it should be noted that it is useless to launch too quickly on the platform. Certainly, we say that there is a multitude of brands present and that consumers present speak brands so why not us? However, before you start on the platform, it is imperative to ensure that your target is present on Twitter. If it is not, you have nothing to do on this network, it would be a waste of time. Then you need to determine your goals. It is only after these steps that you will be able to start …

1. Work on your image

Twitter is the network that offers the most virality: in one day, anyone can see their shared messages thousands of times and become the hot topic of the day.

For your business, Twitter is the place to publish your content because it will be seen and shared. If you produce quality content related to the topic on which you want to position yourself, then Twitter will be an effective way to introduce you to qualified people.

2. Doing watching and prospecting

Twitter is the network that makes you aware of the news often much faster than any other source. There are many topics on Twitter, so it’s a great way to do the watch. You can keep up to date with all the news with the search function: thanks to keywords or hashtags. In addition, the platform is ideal to measure its e-reputation and identify opportunities: you can know what people say about you, your competitors, the market … Finally, it is also a great way to prospect and find Internet users who encounter problems that your business is responding to.

3. Speak directly to its consumers

Twitter is one of the most effective social media ways to reach out directly to your followers, to get their opinion on your business, or simply to get to know them better. You can directly contact them (through @) to create a more personal relationship. You can also respond in a comment when you have been mentioned in a post, it shows reactivity and humanity. Finally, do not forget to thank the users who say good of you. Interaction is essential, you will have everything to gain by establishing a dialogue with your customers and your leads: ask questions, create polls, comment, respond … interaction is essential to gain visibility, commitment and make your brand more accessible and more humane.

4. Promote your products and services

Twitter does not make a difference between a person and a company. As a result, you will be as likely to appear in your subscriber’s news feed as other accounts. You can promote your offer and put it forward thanks to several tools. First by creating your own hashtags. You can also expand your reach with Twitter Ads. Twitter advertising is compatible with all budgets and allows brands to recruit new subscribers and promote their tweets more effectively.

Finally, do not forget the power of influencers: interact with potential customers, brand ambassadors, and influencers. Twitter allows you to follow people outside your personal network and interact with them. It’s a great way to engage in conversations with influential people and industry experts, or even start conversations. You will increase the visibility of your company and establish valuable contacts.

5. Highlight his expertise

Twitter gives you the opportunity to pose as an expert on your field of activity: you can position yourself as a source of information and thus highlight your expertise. Twitter is a social network very used to inform you, you can create a place for you. In this way, you will be able to attract the attention of leads, to keep your customers, to fight against the competition.

The platform must be integrated into a broader strategy of content marketing in which your “word of expertise” can be expressed, whether blog posts, computer graphics, videos, ebooks … Highlight your unique know-how, your strengths, the expertise that only you own and value them on Twitter via content.

But do not limit yourself to the tweets that relay your publications and open on other topics: presentation of news, highlighting customers, news broadcast of the company …

6. Retain customers

As we have seen, Twitter has the advantage of putting everyone on the same level: people and businesses alike. This means that companies can be approached in the same way as consumers. In BtoB as in BtoC, this facilitates communication and therefore keeps in touch with your customers, especially through the sharing of events, contests, offers, exclusive news …

Information sharing is the foundation of most social networks, but Twitter is so powerful in terms of speed and virality that it has no equivalent. By delivering content that positions you expertly, detecting good influencers, or interacting with your community of customers and prospects, you can harness the full potential of this social network for your business. Add to that the ease and speed of use, which will strengthen you in the choice of this network for your online communication. But to take advantage of it, you have to have an adequate strategy and get the necessary resources!

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