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8 Business Travel Tips for Frequent Corporate Travelers

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If you’re in an occupation that requires you to go away on business, knowing what to pack for your trip and how best to prepare is important. Whether it’s an overnight stay, or you’re away for a lengthy period, it’s only natural that you will want to feel as homely as possible when on a work trip. To help keep you organized and to ensure your trip goes smoothly, here are 8 business travel tips for frequent corporate travelers.

Create an Itinerary

Your first port of call before heading out on a business trip is to create an itinerary that will add structure to your time away. With a whole host of meetings, conferences, and getting from A to B to factor in, it’s best to have a plan in place to keep you organized and in control. The last thing you want is to be late for an important meeting, so doing your research into the locations you need to be in, as well as knowing the transport links will ensure you’re well prepared.

Pack Light

Whether you’re heading away for a couple of nights, or a couple of months, no one enjoys the prospect of having to lug a large suitcase around. Adapting a minimalistic approach to your business trip will make your life a whole lot easier, so it’s best to pack as light as you can. Before you head out the door, make sure that you create a checklist to ensure you don’t leave any essentials behind.

Charge Electronics Before Flying

If you’re flying long haul, making sure that your electronics are charged before jetting away is important. With many hours to kill both in the airport and on your flight, having your phone, tablet, and laptop at hand will help pass the time more productively. Using this opportunity to catch up on work or take calls will keep you organized.

Find Suitable Accommodation

If you are going to be away for a lengthy period of time, finding suitable accommodation that caters to all your needs and keeps you comfortable is important. For those who are heading to the capital to conduct business, companies like Blueground provide furnished apartments for a minimum of 30 days, which come equipped with all of the mod cons and amenities you’ll need during your trip. Blueground can help you find apartments in Washington, D.C. that you can rent for one month, a year, or even longer depending on how long you’d like to stay. The flexible lease terms mean you can change apartments and explore various neighborhoods to truly get a sense of the city.

Book Non-Stop Flights

If you’re a frequent flyer, you will know only too well how stressful traveling can be. Whether it’s getting to the airport on time or being comfortable on the flight, it’s important that you’re in the best frame of mind before you venture on your business trip. To help reduce stress levels and minimize the amount of time on your feet, booking non-stop flights is recommended. Layovers lengthen trips, so to avoid having to spend an extra day on the road, or having to wake up earlier than need be, booking a direct flight is advised.

Print Important Documents

The last thing you want to do is rock up to the airport without the relevant travel documents. While no one wants to think about losing their phone or running out of battery, situations like these can and do occur, so if you have your confirmation number or boarding pass on your phone, it’s best to print them out as a backup.

Eat Healthily

If you frequently go on business trips, the experience can take its toll on your health and wellbeing. To keep you alert throughout your travels, it’s important to fuel your body with plenty of healthy snacks and food. Whether it’s by packing a few healthy snacks that you can put in your hand luggage or purchasing products at the airport, you will want to arrive at your destination feeling fresh and raring to go, rather than sluggish and rundown.

Pack Items That Help You Sleep

Whether you’re about to head on your first business trip, or you’ve been on more than you can remember, it’s crucial that you’re able to get a good night’s sleep, ensuring you’re well-rested and ready for meetings. There are a few items that you may want to bring along with you, such as a pillow from your bedroom, a pair of headphones, or an eye mask which can allow you to get some shuteye no matter where you are. While some travelers have no problem hitting the hay, others feel anxious being away from home, so make sure to pack some home comforts that can keep you relaxed while on your trip.

No matter how long you’re going to be away, those who are traveling for business purposes can benefit from all the tips listed above. Unlike traveling for pleasure, you will need to be full of energy and drive to excel in meetings and conferences, so getting yourself prepared for the journey ahead can help keep you on top form.



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