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The Best Time-Management Apps for Better Work-Life Balance

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Are there never enough hours in a day? Strike that.  There are enough hours in a day, just not enough to get everything done. If you need help keeping things in check, here are the best time management app you can use. From blocking incoming emails to eliminate distractions, these apps will help you strike a balance between life and work.

The Best Time-Management Apps

Is technology a productivity killer? No. Technology and the growth in mobile app development, has given rise to some incredible apps. Here are apps which will help you create a balance between improving physical and mental health, to tracking and managing how you use your time. 

Juggling a hectic schedule is easy if you use technology to spend more time on the important stuff. For example, trello time tracking solution will help you plan and schedule your work, so that you waste less time. Here are the best time management apps. 

1. Cozi Family Organizer

Managing to make time for family in a tight schedule isn’t easy. Between scheduling business meetings and late-night hours at the office, you always have to make time for family. 

Cozi Family Organizer will help you manage schedules, appointments, and activities, so you never miss football practice. It syncs with Google Calendar, share to-do lists, and family collection of recipes for online shopping. Isn’t it time to make time for everyone? 

2. Focus Booster 

Focus Booster will help you regain control over how you spend your time. It’s time to get back to business. Using the Pomodoro technique, this app lets you allocate focus time blocks and breaks. 

Switch on the timer and get started with your work. Your session is noted and added in a timesheet. Are you a consultant or a freelancer? Using this app allows you to bill your clients correctly for time spent on a project. This is a fantastic solution if you want to stay on track. 

3. SavedPlus 

SavedPlus saves you money. It does saving automatically, thereby improving your finance. You need to allow access to your credit cards and bank account. Then set a fraction, and the app will auto-transfer fund to your savings account. 

So, if you’re looking to save ten percent from the amount you spend, the fund will move straight from your current to a saving account. Saving money can’t get any easier!

4. Simply Yoga

Do you ever wish that you want to spend 10, 30, and 50 more minutes on Yoga? That’s where Simply Yoga app steps in to make timely breaks from work. If you’re looking to squeeze in some time for Yoga, make it count by going up to 60-minutes workouts. 

Simply Yoga provides a demonstration of all the 60 poses and allows you to do your custom workouts. To stay productive and reduce stress, use this app to make the most of your breaks. 

5. Slice

If you’re looking to become a better online shopper, you have to keep track of all your purchases. Slice is an app that scans your email inbox to find online order receipt information. It then collects the data and stores it in a neat list. It gives you a clear record to track incoming package delivery dates. 

The app sends you notifications when items on your wish-list receive a price drop instead of receiving robocallers and telemarketers. If you’re looking to spend less time browsing through multiple eCommerce stores, you need Slice, for smarter online shopping. 

6. Splashtop Remote Desktop 

Do you ever stop to think that probably you spend a lot of time on the desk? Splashtop Remote Desktop will allow you to spend time away from the office but still get your work done. If you’re looking to access your files while you’re at the gym, you have to get this program installed on your PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet. 

Also, it allows you to stream audio and video, interact with other programs and applications. Using this app will keep you away from your desk, but still, stay in touch with your files remotely. 

7. Timeneye

This app allows you to monitor how you spend time on anything. From work projects to hobbies, if you’re looking to evaluate how your time is going, you have to get this app. Timeneye also syncs with other work-life essential apps such as Google Calendar, Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and more. 

It provides you with clear and precise data to learn about your habits. Using these insights, Timeneye will automatically create suggestions for time entries for you to consider. By recalibrating your schedule, you’ll spend less time on dull work, and more on innovation and creativity. 

8. Tribesports

If you’re looking to get in shape and stick to a particular workout schedule, you have to download this app. Tribesports allows you to redefine your workout sessions and maintain consistency. It also gives users a platform to connect, find workout inspiration, and many fitness challenges. 

Using an inbuilt GPS tracker, the app monitors and provides an in-depth analysis of all your activity. If you want to connect with the community, take photos, and record your routine to share with others, try Tribesports.

9. Way of Life 

Getting a proper life balance is crucial if you want to live a fulfilling life. But, breaking bad habits is not easy. Using the Way of Life app enables you to fight your undesirable habits such as poor diet. 

If you’re looking to give up the bad and develop the good, you need a brilliant helper. It gives precise data on your daily, and weekly goals, and how you’re meeting them. That quickly becomes progress to building good habits. 


Get better equipped with these time management apps in your toolkit. Time management is not only the key to living a more productive life but also the secret to a happy one.

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