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How Modern IP PBX Software Can Facilitate Real Estate Industry

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Real Estate is extremely competitive. A property owner may list a property on several property sites and appoint several agents to find a buyer. A property broker may also handle customers who need to buy, rent, or lease property, and the same scenario exists: customers contact several agents to get the fastest and best deal. The realtor who gets an early closure gets the money. The speed of communication is the key to success. What makes life even more challenging is that the realtor cannot remain present in office since one part of their business is to visit properties and also be available to customers. A traditional landline or a mobile with Whatsapp may not be quite sufficient. IP PBX software developed, keeping in mind the requirements of the real estate industry, is what fits the bill. With HoduSoft coordination, lines, IVRs, texting, and the sky is the limit from there, HoduPBX is an IP PBX Software that will change how your business works, making it increasingly proficient and gainful.

What Realtors Get in Custom IP PBX for Real Estate

  • You get one number you can use for customers. However, that number serves as your voicemail number, your fax number, and even ports incoming calls to your mobile number (which, incidentally, you can keep confidential).

  • You can call back, get the call forwarded, park the call, pick it up, transfer it to your employee or let it go into the voicemail. Incidentally, you can record your voice and send it out as voicemail or broadcast the voicemail to a list of customer numbers you can pick from the connected CRM.

  • You can make a video call and turn it into a three-way conference your client at one side, you in the middle, and the property buyer/renter on the other side.

  • You can have an IVR as the first point of contact for your callers. Pick up the phone and talk if you feel like it or let the IVR provide answers or schedule a meeting for you.

  • Send out individual SMS or broadcast SMS to select clientele to apprise them of the availability of property or clients. The IVR could act as a virtual receptionist.

  • Record all transactions for later review or as proof.

  • Integrate it into your website or app

  • Get a Unified Communication IP PBX Software and you are sitting pretty with all communication channels fused into a single dashboard. You could even have social media integration and that brings in whopping benefits as you will see later down in this post.

Most realtors are used to a set way of working, and adapting to new technology is not easy. One common refrain is that their present phone system is adequate. The answer to this is that you have no way of knowing how many customers went away and why. The IP PBX provides built-in analytics and reporting feature to let you know where you can improve. Improved services naturally lead to higher conversions.

There are other reasons too.

Business Expansions

Most small and medium-sized real estate agencies are “one-man shows” operating in a single location. This, if you happen to be in this category, severely restricts growth. How does IP PBX help? You can expand and maintain a virtual presence in nearby cities. Calls to that location are routed to you and hey bingo you have branch offices. The scope of business expands. Managing calls becomes easy when you have the unified hosted IP PBX at your fingertips day and night. You are not tied to one office and to one location. Today you can be Los Angeles. Next week you could be in Santa Barbara, or you could be in your office in San Diego and manage LA and Santa Barbara branches.

The Video

It is nice to have a virtual face to face chat. However, realty is about getting business done. A client looking to buy or rent property wants a look-see. You can show photos of properties or even videos within videos. The video presentations say everything, and you effectively convince clients. Is it time for closure. Bring everyone together in a face to face virtual conference with the IP PBX video conferencing feature. Everyone is happy. You get a close. And commendations too from both sides. Real estate is about knowing what clients want, delivering it, and making a big impression as a knowledgeable, experienced professional. Once the deal is struck, get their video feedback. You can use it to convince other customers who are sitting on the fence. And so it goes on. At the point when you purchase HoduPBX, you are not just getting extraordinary compared to another PBX programming. However, you are putting resources into a framework that improves profitability, encourages business correspondence, and gives quicker ROI.

Real estate agents must be agile and knowledgeable. The IP PBX allows mobility and keeps you in the loop all the time. Get one, and you will never go back to the plain old telephone.

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