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Everyone has lost something, at some point in their lives. Some things are small and trivial. Others are large and very important. The meaning itself, may be up to interpretation. What is not up for debate, is the seriousness of patient tracking while under facility care. It is important to ensure patients are where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to. There is a real issue of tracking patients today. This is especially true in rehabilitation and mental healthcare facilities. It doesn’t matter if the building is massive, or small. Proper monitoring ensures that accountability is placed on the hospital or facilities to keep watch. It can be a legal and procedural nightmare if a hospital loses a patient. This can also lead to massive financial lawsuits and irreparable damage to their reputation. Any new or old care healthcare center truly needs to look into their hospital tracking system development.

Capabilities of These Technologies

With the technological capabilities of today’s world, there are an increasing number of ways to track patients. Most systems rely on the internet of things (IoT) to make this happen. This is where anything that can be connected to the internet, can be connected to each other. You may be familiar with other systems that use the IoT. If you have a “smart” anything in your home (speaker, TV, cell phone) These all use the internet of things to function. There are endless options regarding the internet of things, especially in healthcare. Once the facility is analyzed, a project plan is created, and a custom system will be developed. One of the more common methods used are bracelets that have an RFID chip, that allows real-time tracking. There can be sensors that record and track vitals. This will reduce the amount of in room nurse and doctor visits. High value or high risk medicine can be securely and safely monitored at all times. GPS can be used in addition to chips and sensors. The options for hospitals and healthcare providers are becoming greater by the day. While the upfront cost to creating a new hardware and software system can be high, the returns are even greater. Seek out a company that can develop a system within your budget, and show you hard returns on your investment.

Is Your Care Facility With The Times?

In an emergency situation, there is no time to call ahead to see if the hospital uses modern patient tracking methods. In the past, a smaller, more rural facility might not have had the resources to implement such a system. Today, there are companies like Digiteum that can create a system for any facility, under any budget. A large 1,000 bed facility will have an entirely different scope of project than say a 100 bed facility. If you are a hospital manager, it is time to reflect on your company’s tracking system and protocols. It isn’t all about making sure the right patients are in the right place. You can save time, money, and provide access to better care with a modern and efficient tracking system. Technology can provide previously unknown solutions to common problems all hospitals and care centers face.

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