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The Main Differences Between PDF and DOC

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Documents are an integral part of any business, as it is one of the main ways they communicate. However, when it comes to document creation and handling, many businesses are unaware of the differences between document file formats, which prevents them from being able to choose the best one for the greatest impact.

PDF and DOC are the two main document formats used by businesses to generate documents. And we will now take a look at both to see the main differences between the two.

How PDF Differs From DOC

About PDF Files

PDF, which is short for Portable Document Format, enables any document to be saved in it, including DOC files.

This file makes it easy for people to send and access various documents using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free.

PDF files can also be made using Adobe Acrobat, which is also a product of Adobe Systems.

However, it does not have extensive editing capability because it was mainly designed to enable viewers using any platform to be able to recognize the content. But, since it is open-source software, the original source code can be modified to include various editing tools for it.

Documents saved in PDF file format are preserved exactly the way they were originally written, including DOC files, Excel files, and PowerPoint images. for greater accuracy and consistency, which is especially good for businesses when sending documents that contain company letterheads or logos, so they are not distorted when they reach the recipient.

About DOC Files

DOC files, which is short for document files, is a product of Microsoft, and it too enables users to create documents and incorporate different types of data, including images and graphics. However, DOC files are created using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office Suite, but they can also be saved in PDF format.

Like PDF files, DOC files also make it easy to send and access documents, but because it is proprietary software, meaning Microsoft owns exclusive rights to it, you cannot create editing tools for it. This means when saving DOC files in PDF file format, users must return to Word to make any adjustments to the document.

DOC also requires specific settings in order to ensure the document retains the author’s original content and format; therefore, it is not as word-perfect and constant when delivering the same content to different users.

For instance, if the DOC file is created using a font that the receiver’s computer does not have, their computer will simply display the text using another font, which makes it less reliable.

Converting Word to PDF

Anyone can with a little Adobe Acrobat knowledge and expertise can easily convert Word to PDF. However, the easiest way to convert is to simply upload the DOC file into the Acrobat online PDF converter and let it do the rest.

Now that you know the difference between PDF and DOC, you can create documents using the best file for the most effective content delivery.

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