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How SharePoint can be Used as an Effective Knowledge Management Platform

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SharePoint has gained much popularity in the past few years and we are aware that it allows the users to capture, share, develop and effectively use the organizational data to support any company’s decision making process. Well, in the past, most companies were using SharePoint development just for it. But today, business owners are using it in a new way to work together.

How SharePoint is Being Used Now?

To retain knowledge that has been created over time, there has always been a need of a centralized form of file sharing, collecting and storing the content. It is here that SharePoint has offered a solution to this challenge and has grown so vast over time and has become front runner in this space. Being able to store the information securely in a place for reuse is what SharePoint does best.

The SharePoint collaboration platform has allowed the users to come to a centralized location and meet all the requirements related to the content that has been created within the organization. Besides being an excellent platform for knowledge management, SharePoint development also relieves the burden of experiencing a communication loss.

When an employee works hard and has to complete hundreds of projects over a course of several years and steps out of the company to never return, the utilizable knowledge is permanently gone. Capturing this knowledge and sharing it with everyone efficiently can often prove to be invaluable.

Here is how SharePoint development can help to alleviate communication barriers and ensure that the correct information is shared with the right person at the right moment.

SharePoint Helps to Use Standardized Email Templates:

Scattered emails received from various colleagues or staffs are often less effective since the users will probably feel that the information is not as relevant as it should be. Sharing information with the user community may at times involve some pitfalls if it is not done properly.

An email has been the most standard means of communication in the workplace, but simply sending it out isn’t enough. One way by which SharePoint developers can help you to grab the attention of the user is by providing them with important information in an easy to understand manner and by using a standardized email template.

Using an Appropriate Format for Sharing Information:

Nothing is more frustrating, than to read one huge paragraph. At times such long information takes up even a whole page or the entire computer screen. So, it is very important to use space in your material so that it becomes digestible chunks that makes it easier for people to understand and even register it in their memory for a longer time period. In this way, SharePoint also helps to maintain any document and assists the users to remember any announcement or any planned work.

With SharePoint, You can Now Easily Target Only Appropriate Groups:

While sending any information to the users, it is very important to send it to only those who specifically need to hear or be aware of what you are sending. Else you will probably miscommunicate with others who are not in need of the information. Any generic announcements made within the organization about systems or services are being impacted at other locations. This often becomes a waste of time and effort for those who are not using the information and the users may include department, customized user groups or different geographic locations.

You can Use Videos or Screenshots for Effective Communication:

You may have to share a wide range of information across your organizations and at times you may share training videos with the staffs that explains how to perform various technological steps. Sharing videos has often been much easier than writing down the steps involved that are at times difficult to follow. Using video concept has grown with time and visuals can often help to get the job done more easily than written words. SharePoint developers can easily integrate a video to make the communication more effective with co-workers or customers.

Key Takeaways:

Besides being an excellent collaboration platform, SharePoint also helps in successful communication within the organization. Proper communication is always critical to the company’s growth and the more efficiently it is done, the more it is winning.

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