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5 Best Free Notepads

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Who doesn’t love free software that does the job just as good, or even better– than the one you have to drop all your coins for? That’s why we have compiled this list of five best free notepads software you can download right now and install in a matter of minutes.

1. Notepad++

First on our list is the Notepad++ which was coined ‘the best alternative to the Windows default notepad’. Even the ‘++’ by its name tells you to expect more from it than your regular notepad software. Notepad++ was originally designed for coders and developers, but because of its abundance of highly inclusive features, it became a popular powerful text editor for everyone. You can download Notepad++ 64 bit on any of your trusted software platforms. Notepad++ costs nothing yet it gives users the privilege to;

  • Automatically restore opened tabs or unsaved files. This is helpful if your personal computer was forcefully shut down and you lose all the files you were working on.
  • Open any file as a text document.
  • Have various tabs opened at the same time. Which helps users simultaneously.
  • Use the plug-in feature to upgrade the software if they aren’t satisfied with it. Users can add plugins to spell check their file, add FTP client, hex editor or even a script executor. Simply by going through the Plugin Manager, users get access to a lot of plugins. However, if those aren’t enough and you want more options,  you can always download plugins externally and manually install them.
  • Have their syntax highlighted for better productivity.
  • Macro record their files and data.
  • Save files to a wide variety of formats. Formats like JAVA, SQL, VBS, TXT,  DIFF, HTML, CSS, ASM, HPP, CC,REG, HEX,AU3, BASH, BAT, and many others.
  • Carry the portable version of this software around with them in a flash drive.

Pretty cool yea? Well, before you run off to download Notepad++ 64 bit for your computer, here is some more useful information: remember we mentioned that users can have multiple tabs open on their computer? Well, Notepad++ can interact with all these tabs at the same time. While they all represent their own file, Notepad++ allows users to do things like compare the different files for difference or search the various files for text. It even allows users to replace text in the files at the same time!

Download Notepad++ 64 bit now and start enjoying the useful benefits of this free notepad.

2. DocPad

This is another free notepad that you could try out on your PC. DocPad is a newer application compared to Notepad++, and it is excellent for users that just want a text editor and not a more advanced coding notepad like Notepad++.

The application supports bookmarking, block indentation, drag and drop, file history, search and replace, print preview, character conversion, word wrap, trailing spaces, skinnable user interface, amongst other things. The best part about this application aside from its good feature set is that it supports the latest operating systems, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

3. Brackets

This lightweight notepad was developed by Adobe, it is open source and free to anyone interested in downloading it. With Brackets, users can toggle between source codes and browser views. Its pleasant user interface offers live previews, inline editors and preprocessor support. It also comes with an inbuilt extension manager that promotes fast and effective extension management.

If used for coding purposes, the software also allows users to toggle between source code and browser view. Also, with its quick edit feature, content specific code and tools are put inline. Although Bracket was initially designed for Mac users, it also works on Windows and Linux operating systems.

4. GetDiz

Another amazing free notepad, GetDiz is a bit different from the rest in look and feel. Its background is dark blue, and the text is white. This is the default interface appearance, but users can always change it in the settings if it doesn’t match their style.

This notepad isn’t called GetDiz for nothing, it displays DIZ and NFO files with enhanced functionality. It also displays ASCII art on its platform. Users can save out text, NFO files, DIZ files or others as GIF images if they want to.

5. Emacs

Finally, we have Emacs, the Unix based text editor tool that can be used by anyone. Programmers, students, system administrators, engineers, you name them, they can use it. With Emacs, users can add, modify, insert, or delete words, letters, units of text and even lines. It comes with complete built-in documentation and a highly customizable user interface. This interface can be customized using Emacs lisp code.

Emacs also offers full unicode support for many human scripts. This software is available on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

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