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8 Best Tools for Small Business Professionals

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When the goal is to work smarter not harder, finding the right tool is the more efficient way of running a small business and reaching the peak of success.  To keep your efficiency up and focus on the tasks more important to your business, you need to know the best tools available. And therefore we have created this ultimate list of small business marketing tools that will help your business flourish and increase productivity. Here we go:


Slack is a messaging app that simplifies communication. It replaces constant email composing, text messaging and instant messaging for your team; instead keep all these styles of communication intact. Furthermore, Slack can help the entire team collaborate and coordinate their work from any location – in the field, office, or at home. This app is intended to offer real-time messaging, file sharing, archiving, and so on.

Additionally, Slack voice/video calls allow screen sharing to connect with anyone from anywhere in your workspace. Slack works with over 1,500 external apps, giving its users a flexible and extendable platform. With several internal and external sharing options, the app puts at ease the task of sharing and receiving files 24/7.


Give your business identity and build a brand with an eye-catchy logo. However, hiring a professional logo maker can cost you a bit.  It might exceed your business budget. But, with the creation of Designhill logo maker tool on the Internet, you can get a logo designed for your choice & business need in no time.

Designhill users can have access to a lot of logo options. You can select logo design colors, icons, and styles. Moreover, you can get your logo design customized as per your preference. Designhill is the best logo maker tool for those who are in search of an elegant, attractive, and professional-looking logo over the web.

Google Docs

Google Docs is the ultimate platform to enjoy real-time editing, instant sharing of text documents, easy presentations of slides & spreadsheets. The app allows multiple users to edit a document at the same time, ensuring the visualization of each other’s changes instantaneously.

Also, Google Docs helps you format text and paragraphs. The app gives you the liberty to choose fonts, images, and drawings of your desire among hundreds of options. With Google Docs, users don’t have to hit the save button every time they make changes. The app has been developed in a way of saving the document automatically at regular intervals even when the internet connection is lost.


The trend of freelancing has given rise to the need & demand for the Upwork app. The application allows business owners to hire freelancers for multiple tasks. Whether you need an expert for web development, creative graphic designer, professional writers, experienced social media managers, Upwork is the ultimate platform to fulfill your business need. The application allows real-time chatting and makes it easy for freelancers to collaborate with clients anytime from any location.


Studio enables you to create stunning and professional quality graphic designs even if you have little or no knowledge of graphic design skills. Moreover, this multimedia design platform allows users to -generate presentations, posters, and even visual content. With Studio, you can have access to thousands of templates, images, photographs, fonts, and graphics.


Buffer is an application created for managing social media content. Users of this app are allowed to create & schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and other social media sites as per their convenience, view analytics as well. Currently, all sized business houses are using Buffer to manage posts, enhance their visibility on social media platforms & stay ahead of competitors.


Whether you are promoting your business, highlighting your work, or starting a blog, Wix software is the solution you are looking for. The app helps you design and build a professional-looking, high-quality website. You can also select a template of your choice from 100s of options at Wix. Furthermore, the application lets users manage their websites from desktop and mobile as well.


No other platform is better than Quora to generate the Q&A session with your esteemed customers. It is the top-ranked, authentic question and answer community having users with verified identities. Quora is the ultimate place to ask questions, get useful answers, relevant information, and therefore a great platform to build relationships with your audiences. Also, it is a great place to improve your customer service, business visibility, product sales, and a site’s ranking & traffic.

Final Words

With the availability and accessibility of a huge amount of software, you don’t have to worry about moving your business forward in today’s digitally connected world and stay globally competitive. Besides, small businesses can use these platforms to get professional support, and needed solutions to optimize their operations & increase product sales with minimum input.

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