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How to Monitor Someone’s Phone

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In today’s digital era, a smartphone is the best way to track or spy on anyone. Most of the daily chores can be performed on phones nowadays be it banking, booking a cab or movie tickets, and shopping for clothes or grocery. Everyone uses smartphone nowadays and this makes easy to track anyone anytime.

And to track anyone, you can use spy apps. There are several spy apps available in the app stores now. But all are not easy and convenient to use. However, the apps that are available now are affordable, easy to install and readily available unlike the apps available earlier which were complex and expensive.

Thanks to the advanced technologies that have made the spy apps easy to use even by a non-technical user. One such easy and the inexpensive app is spy tracker. If you are wondering how to use a spy app then just read this article as this article will explain all about using a spy app.

You can use a spy app in the following way to track anyone.

Choosing a Spy app for the Phone

This is the first step towards using an app for monitoring anyone’s activity. You need to select the app that suits all your needs and requirements. You may just need to track someone’s location or you may have to monitor all the activity on the phone like messages, camera, emails, or usage of social media websites. You need to select the app wisely as some app will only allow tracking location while others may help you to gather the information like keystrokes. So, you must select the one that fulfills your requirements and comes with your budget too.

How to Install the app on his/her Phone?

Once you have the phone with you on which you want to install the app, you have to open the phone by bypassing the screen lock as most of the phone screen is password protected. You can do this using an app that helps to unlock a phone which is connected to the internet. Then you have to follow the steps given below to install a spy app.

  • Login to the manufacturer site of the spy application you need to install on the phone.
  • Open the app and install it on the phone
  • Once the app is installed, authenticate and restart the smartphone
  • Login to the spy app account from another phone
  • Confirm the registration of the phone that is being tracked from your account
  • Now send a text message from the target phone to your phone to confirm the tracking
  • Also, make a test call to confirm that the spy app is working
  • Ensure that the target phone is connected to the internet through WiFi or data connection.
  • Do not forget to delete the call history and text message that you have sent from your phone.

How the Spy App Works?

The spy apps are coded with a program that extracts messages, calls, social media messages, and GPS tracking information. The software transfers all the content of the target phone to the tracker’s phone.  Most spy app has a ‘Stealth Camera’ feature that smartly takes a picture using a phone’s camera and sends it to the phone that is being used to track the target device.

How to Uninstall the Spy App on the Target Device

You should leave the spy app on the target device anytime after the tracking is done. As it may land you in trouble and get you caught. You must also uninstall the app in case of any suspicious by the device user. Mostly the apps are uninstalled from the control panel. But in this case, you have to do it remotely. And you can do this by sending a code text to the target smartphone and the app will get uninstalled. The uninstall instructions are available on the spy app website in the menu option or FAQ section.

Check the Laws

If you go by the law then it is strictly against the law to install a spy app on any phone. You must not go against the law until and unless it is really required to spy anyone’s phone. Therefore you must check the law of the country wherever you are trying to do it as the law is different for different countries. Whether you are doing it for a minor child, spouse, a colleague or an employee, it is important to abide by the law.

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