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How Social Media Is Used Against Your Business in a Divorce Case

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Most divorce lawyers are increasingly raising the topic of social networks and their role in divorce. When the spouses decide to part, they begin to worry about divorce papers, the property, child support, and so on. But few of them think that social networks can simply turn the lawsuit upside down. Therefore, you need to know what social networks are hiding in the context of a divorce.

A Social Network Can Be Evidence Against You

In many states, adultery is the basis for divorce. Many lawyers use online correspondence as evidence of adultery and in 81% of cases, they manage to prove the fact of breach of faith. If you have a correspondence that can be considered as a love affair, you should immediately get rid of it and even stop communicating with this person. For many, divorce is a war, and many can go to extreme measures, such as inviting a person with whom you talked so that he confirms your communication and so on. If you do not want such a trifle to turn a lawsuit against you, then get rid of everything that could be a potential threat.

Social Platforms as a Reason for Divorce

There is more and more research that notes that social networks are becoming the first cause of the breakdown of marriages. Moreover, many have a real addiction that makes marriage simply impossible. Excessive spending time on social networks, chatting with online friends or even romance is something that many young couples face. Ultimately, the marriage ends in divorce. Do you think this is not possible? According to numerous data, one-third of all divorce cases arose as a result of excessive communication on the Internet or even online love.

Think About What You Post

During the trial, a second-party lawyer will actively monitor your pages to find at least one clue. Therefore, your main task is not to create an excuse, but rather even suspend the use of social networks. If your lawyer is a real professional, then such advice should be on the list of first steps. In 61%, lawyers only managed to win the lawsuit thanks to Facebook alone. Do not post photos with other people, do not joke about divorce, and moreover, do not write anything about your spouse. The best decision would be to forget about Internet life until the trial is over.

Do Not Seek Moral Support Online

When the trial begins, many are not careful and want to find moral support among online friends. It doesn’t matter at all whether it’s a friend from real life or someone you’ve never seen before. Spouse’s tricks can have no boundaries, so much communication can cause problems. You can write a lot of negativity on your spouse, and then you will be shocked when this SMS appears in the courtroom. If you want to get support, it is better to organize a real meeting with a loved one and discuss this topic face-to-face.

Change All Passwords

Most likely, during a happy marriage, your spouse knew your passwords from social networks, mail, and gadgets. As soon as you decide to divorce, the first thing you need to do is secure your data and change all passwords. Remember that Google can save passwords, so make sure to turn off this feature. Create a password completely distinctive from the previous one and do not make it commonplace.

Do Not Create Accounts on Dating Sites

Many people decide to change their lives right from the moment they decide to get a divorce and go to dating sites in search of a better life. Such an account can provoke the risk of losing the case. Firstly, it can be presented as evidence, and secondly, contradict what you say in court. Moreover, there are states in which you cannot marry after a divorce for half a year.

Child Support

What do you think, will you be able to get the right to a child if you post photos from parties, night bars or discos on your Instagram? It will be completely unimportant to the judge that it was a long time ago or that you are dealing with a divorce in this way. You obviously lose the case on this issue.

Financial Aspect

When it comes to child support, many will provide documents stating that they are financially unable to pay alimony. But on social networks, they post luxury cars, resorts, and visits to expensive restaurants. Not only you will lose the case, but it also causes doubt that the documents that you submitted are reliable. By providing false testimonies and documents, you can get a lot of unnecessary problems and penalties.

How to Avoid Problems from Social Networks?

As mentioned in the article, your lawyer should give you recommendations regarding your social networks. But if you decide to get a divorce online with the help of https://divorceonlineutah.com and not use the services of a lawyer, then follow these recommendations:

  • change all passwords to new ones.
  • delete all incriminating photos and posts.
  • delete all correspondence with your online friends.
  • stop using social media during the trial.
  • avoid writing incriminating SMS in different messengers, discuss all important information and divorce documents in person.

It’s best to follow all these recommendations as soon as you decide to break up. It may seem that it is difficult to live without social networks, but we are talking about the risk of losing the case. Unfortunately, it’s a trifle from social networks that can become significant in a divorce case. Agree, it will be a shame to lose the case due to innocent correspondence or photos from the party.


Modern technologies bring not only positive in human life but can also have an irreversible impact during a divorce. Increasingly, lawyers go to social networks in search of evidence. And as practice shows, this is a 99% successful way to find something interesting. So if you want your spouse’s lawyer to not be able to win the case, then work on your accounts on social networks. A pause in Internet life can help you get a positive decision from the court, so the game is worth the candle.


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