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Social Media Startup Ideas: Make Dreams a Reality

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Social media has become one of the most important parts of our lives. People browse on social media from waking up in the morning to falling to asleep. Social media has become one of the biggest platforms to gain an audience from. Many companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram have become one of the topmost business houses of the time.

Influence of the Internet

The Internet has created a new era and brought vast changes in everyone’s lifestyle, more or less internet have become another world for people to work, buy, sell, entertain and what not? As internet digs deep the influence of social media increased with it, therefore, social media eventually pull in people to create earning platform through them.

Social media influence on business

As social media creates a big influence on possible customers, big to small business starts popping up through these websites. As a result, there are more than a thousand small and big business online that are offering any kind of services, products and even information. Speaking of business there is even one-man business kind or you can call it ‘earning option’ besides investing in creating business houses or companies, an option to do small investment and get on a startup that you can do from home or the home-like environment. Want to know what are those? Here are 10 suggestions for those who are interested in Social media startup:

 #1 Social Media Consultant.

If you are good and I mean pretty good at understanding social media startup and also constantly on social media platforms getting in all the knickknacks of the every social media platform, then this is the best work profile for you. A Social media consultant’s work is to be of help to other business, you determine a strategy to help them move forward. In other words, you are a guide to help them improve their social media presence.

#2 Social Media Manager.

With the same set of skills, you can move a notch up and directly become a social media manager. The work is to use your skills where you will be working on the social media page yourself in place of the business. Here you are responsible for planning and evaluating their social media presence that will help them grow their influence on the platform

#3 Social Media Marketer.

You can use your social media accounts to market or promote services and brands on the respective platforms either as an ongoing post or on a per-post basis.

#4 Social Media Influencer.

Another good way to utilize social media is to create your own small business line or in other words become a merchant who can sell his/her products online. There are plenty of products that are sold all over the internet that are organic, home produced or even just assembled. Few examples of such business are:

  • Handmade soaps
  • Beauty product baskets
  • Home-made Chocolates
  • Dry fruit baskets
  • Costume made diaries and memos

Instagram has been proved to be one of the best platforms for such business. It supports and as well as provides more than a few potential customers.

#5 Blogger.

If you feel that you are quite skillful in conveying your thoughts into conversing or at least understandable writing then you can definitely try blogging. The process of creating a blog is more or less simple but, you might just consider learning about the SEO system to create a successful blog. In the SEO system, you will find that social media presence plays a vital role in getting the traffic (viewers) on your blog.

#6 YouTuber.

If you are more of a talking person than a writing person and you are not afraid to speak in front of a camera then you can easily become a famous YouTuber, the only things you will need to persevere this path are:

  • A good camera (good camera phones work as well)
  • Dedication
  • Time
  • And last but not the least idea.

The content idea and confidence are the keys to become a truly successful YouTuber.

#7 Photographer and videographer.

There are many trained Photographers and Videographers out there who love their work and if you are one of them or even a behind the scene person you are clearly fit for this job. There are many social media stars or personalities, who needs professional photographers or videographers to help them create effective feeds for their social media platform. You can simply engage in such works. You can also become permanent professional Videographer for a professional YouTuber to film their videos for them.

#8 Content marketing.

If you are aware of both how to skillfully create a written blog post or video content that is nicely explained or presented, or even good with giving good description social media posts; this job is just for you. Content marketing is a wide concept but, cutting it, in brief, it is the process of marketing that involves creating and then sharing of online materials (nothing that needs to be shipped). You can call this indirect promotion as well, whereas you will be mentioning things about the product still, the main highlight will not be about the particular product. You can deliver services to businesses, including social media strategy or management, along with other functions.

#9 Ebook author.

An E-book author is more or less the same as a normal book or novel author. If you are good at writing and would like writing books, novels, comics, manga then this is your place to work. For example, you can write Ebooks and then share it on social media platforms, you never know your creative mind just catch someone’s eye that can elevate your work. Other than that you will be gaining readers through your social media page that will give you organic traffic.

#10 Vine star.

Now, this is a job for someone creative, full of humor, funny and yes with all the other things that are mostly required in a YouTuber. Vine is more of a niche platform rather than any organic form. Being skilled with all the above-mentioned things and are interested in creating short videos, you can become a famous vine star. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are good places to start with.

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