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How to Make a Video that Will Get a Lot of Views on TikTok?

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Marketing campaigns are meant to get results. It may be more difficult on TikTok, if you are not used to marketing to a younger crowd, that doesn’t take itself seriously. However, if you understand how to talk to them, and what can make your video go viral (or at least get many views), this is definitely a great social network to focus on, as the public represents tomorrow’s buyers. Here are some tips that can help you get the results you are looking for.


Good-looking Content is Always Better

No matter where you place your marketing content, it should always look good and fit the media you are using, as well. With Mojo, you can create the best posts on social media, including on TikTok. This will help to get people interested in your company, as you can use backgrounds, GIFs and other special effects, that are offered on the app. No matter what your message is, it will always come through to your audience, if it looks professional. Today, all kids have become specialists of social media, editing their photos and videos, before posting them online. You also need to do the same, if you want the money you spend on marketing creation for TikTok, to be worthwhile.

Make Sure that Your Messages reaches the Right Target

Addressing your messages to users of TikTok, that have no interest in your products or services, is the best way to get nowhere fast. This app is no different than any other marketing tool. You first need to define your target precisely, if you want to have a good ROI. You can do so, on TikTok, by making sure that you will end up on the right “For You Page” (FYP).

Everybody that creates an account on TikTok is asked to enter his interests. That is how you can know that a user is interesting for you, while another isn’t. You don’t have to go through a list of users to end-up in the right FYP. You just need to enter the right information, whenever you position a new video on the app. You will do so by positioning the right key words and hashtags on all post, by remaining consistent on your target public, and by posting at the right time of the day, in regards to the public you want to reach (you may ask for outside help regarding this part, to someone who knows all about the public habits on TikTok).

Use the Popularity of Others to Your Benefit

All social media algorithms are different. The one good thing about TikTok is that everyone has the same chance of getting viewed, which definitely helps getting more visibility rapidly. The other specialty of TikTok, that makes it easier to get results, is that it tends to be trendy. Often, new trends are created by a user that created a cool video, that pleased many viewers. And so, others start to copy them. TikTok users love to get in on the action and watch all the videos that derive from the original. That is a marketing opportunity that cannot be missed.

You need to use that as well, by taking the element featured in that viral video, and turn it to your advantage. That is when you need someone in your marketing team to be very reactive and capable of being extremely creative. You don’t want to just reproduce what has been done in the original, or in the copies. You want to come up with a concept of your own that will make TikTok users go “Wow!” and get their attention towards your products and services, at the same time.

Time is of the Essence on TikTok

When you place videos on this social media, you have to keep in mind that its public doesn’t like to watch long sequences. They would rather navigate from one video to another, in a matter of seconds. If you can complete a video of less than 10 seconds, while getting your call to action in, then you have already won the first part of the challenge, on this app. The real problem for a marketing team is to create an image that will be sufficiently strong to redirect the interest of the user, out of the app and towards your website. It can be easier to get people to your TikTok account for more content, though, while always keeping a door open towards your company, on each post.

Choose an Influencer and let Him do the Work for You

That is probably the best way to go, if you really want your marketing campaign to work rapidly, on TikTok. Influencers that have found their way on this social media, know exactly how to talk to this public and get results. It will cost you, but at least it will also be a better guarantee of revenues, as well.

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