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How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Store

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Nowadays, Social media plays a very important role in online marketing. It helps you to target the right set of audience and get the required engagement and traffic from them. But it’s not limited to this. It also contributes fairly to selling your products or services. So, if you have an online store and you aren’t paying focus on social media for marketing then you are missing out on a great opportunity. Here are some tips to help you use social media to your advantage and drive traffic to your store.

Post Consistently

When it comes to driving more traffic to your store, it’s all about customer engagement. And this can be achieved through regular posting. Post consistently on different social media channels. Here are some stats to inspire you in doing so:

For Facebook, posting twice a day is likely to yield 57% more likes and 78% more comments.

Twitter, three tweets per day yield maximum engagement.

LinkedIn, posting once a day allows you to reach 60% of the audience.

So, you see regular and consistent posting is required to drive traffic. One great barrier in this can be the time. When you are to post on several channels, it becomes difficult to cope up with time as you have several other tasks too. Also, you have to schedule these postings for a specific time. Thanks to social media scheduling and automation tools that can help you with posting the stuff at right time. You can take help of, Hootsuite or Onlywire.

Share Unique Content

The term ‘unique’ means relevant and interesting at the same time. You don’t always have to share content for selling. Your customers and audience need something valuable, informative or interesting to get engaged with your brand. So, you can educate, entertain or inform them about something related to your business. One can also share testimonials as a good content source for driving potential customers towards the business. Whatever be the form, remember your customers are human at the end of the day and they wish to see the human side of your business too.

Add Visuals in Your Posts

Visuals drive 40% more traffic on social media posts as compared to plain text. This is so because human brains are wired in a certain way and visuals seem to attract our brains more as compared to text. If visuals are more effective and social media is allowing you to post it; then why shouldn’t you leverage on it? Create infographics using tools like Canva. You can also create beautiful videos using tools like Vyond and more. Pinterest is the best platform to market your business products or services using images.

Interact with Followers

Once you have a business profile for your store on social media channels, you are likely to make the following base through your consistent efforts. And once you have a list of followers, it becomes necessary for you to interact with them. For this, you can reply to their comments, thank them or appreciate them for liking your store or participate in discussions as well. This takes a bit of time but all these will eventually help you in the long run and it will show them that they are cared for. And when they know that they are being cared, they will not leave your business and your store for a long time.

Participate in Groups

Social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn have several small to large groups for business-specific topics. You can join few or all of them and start making your contributions. This is a good start towards making your presence among a large audience. You will also get an idea about keywords, hashtags and conversation topics from these groups. Above all, you get a chance to build strong relationships with your customers and business prospects.

Here are some ways in which you can contribute to a higher level in your groups:

Start Live Chat: This is a good way of having a real-time conversation with your customers. You can listen to their grievances or words of appreciation, solve their common problems or answer their queries.

Build Relationship with Influencers: When you have joined groups, you might come across influencers who can boost your business and drive traffic that your store intends for. You can mention these influencers in your comments, posts or ask them to give their opinions. You can also share their content and start building a relationship with them.

Add Call to Actions: A CTA or call-to-action can be anything from a link to a like button in your posts. But the goal is the same. You wish to generate more traffic and so do not forget to add a strong call to action in your posts. This is the ultimate goal of social media advertising, right? Make your customers perform some action through your content.

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Social Media is a great medium to gain the traffic and engagement you wish for your store. The only thing you require is a good strategy and some efforts to do it the right way. The tips mentioned here can surely help you in achieving the traffic for your store. If you like this article, please mention it in the comment section.

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