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Online Businesses Propelling in This Tech Storm

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Autumn is lingering to its end. We can feel the cool winter breeze settle in. The warmth of sweaters and cardigans, and the cozy feeling of woolen blankets, that makes us want to laze in bed all day, yes winters are finally here! Taking a comprehensive trip into the world of fashion, we realize how social media has revolutionized the way, many industries operate and so has the fashion industry. The social media industry, consisting of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and the like have seen a boom and have become the single most important source of establishing an effective communication channel, seamlessly integrated to link the business with the target market.

A personal connection is established via social media and consumer needs and preferences can be more precisely gauged and analyzed so that they can be catered to accordingly. Potential customers have been reached out to and new dynamic markets have been tapped, observing a drastic boom in sales. This is mainly due to the major advances in marketing techniques and strategies that have progressed by leaps and bounds. Be it a startup business, an entrepreneur or an already established business, the level of outreach that each one is exposed to limitless. The world has become a global village, where geographical boundaries are no longer a hindrance. The increasing dominance of social media, in the last decade, has had a profound effect on the fashion industry.

It’s a two-way process

E-commerce is so convenient and dynamic that it not only disseminates information to where it is required but also gathers useful feedback that contributes positively to the growth of the business in the long run. After all, it is the customers to whom you owe your success to. Building and maintaining a credible brand image, and connecting with your customers, giving them due respect and importance is what matters the most. Social media is a tool, which takes into account consumer behavior and the various emotional aspects that may be involved too.

Different Tech Platforms

According to eMarketer, statistics revealed by market research proposed that online shopping for attire and accessories is the most rapidly growing business today and by 2016 this sector is expected to account for $73 billion worth of purchases that have been conducted online in the United States itself. Some of the most viable tech platforms that make this feat possible are as follows:

  • Fashion blogs: Content can be created or curated as per the needs to bring into limelight the various aspects of the industry being talked about. To create awareness about your brand, effective content can be created to educate the target market. Whereas valuable customer feedback and trending news about a certain brand can be curated and effectively amalgamated to serve the purpose. Tell your customer’s what’s new in fashion and help them become style icons and divas.


  • Youtube Videos: One of the most popular social media platforms include uploading videos that may be tutorials or live streaming of catwalk shows, showcasing the wardrobe available. A brand, retailer or the business should combine their imagery with a bold and appropriate well-formulated content to go with the visuals. This, in turn, creates a brand image, which the customer can easily recall and hence create customer loyalty.


Gone are the days when print ads were a medium of propagating and marketing a brands fashion trends and variations. The fashion industry has undergone a renaissance, adding an element of human emotions, feelings, and sense of personal touch that has taken this very industry to new distinguished levels. In this highly digitized era, it is but inevitable that in order to gain a competitive advantage, the social media platform is the most important asset.


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