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12 YouTube Video Ideas the Will Bring you More YouTube Views

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If you have a YouTube channel, you always need to find new types of videos to keep your audience engaged. Every niche has its own distinctive types of videos that are particularly popular among its users. However, you can still find new and original ideas that will make your channel stand out from the rest. If you go for unique content, make sure that you buy cheap YouTube views so that it gets the attention it needs.

In this article, we are providing you with 12 video ideas to create interesting content for engaged subscribers. 

#1 Do a 30-Day Challenge

Users love to watch creators that challenge themselves. For this reason, viral and hashtag challenges are dominating on social media. However, by doing a 30-day challenge you make an extra effort that will win you a lot of views, likes, and new subscribers. For this video, you must pick something that requires a lot of time. For example, try a new activity or a beauty rumor for 30 days. By the end of this period, you will be able to show the differences in your skin, your body, or your feelings. 

#2 Post an Unpopular Opinion Video

Another post idea that will bring you a lot of views is an unpopular opinion video. Users love to hear and comment on videos, where the creators have opinions that are different from theirs. However, when you post content like this, you need to be prepared for potential arguments in the comment section. In any way, visit Stormviews to buy YouTube views to bring your unpopular opinions to more users.  

#3 React to your Viewers’ Comments

Another video idea that is going to engage your viewers is to respond to their comments. For this type of content, you can ask specific questions to your social media followers, and then read them and react to them. Users are going to be curious to find out how you reacted to their comments and they will increase the engagement of your video.

#4 Compare Various Products

Many YouTube creators have found that users prefer to watch product comparison videos. Therefore, if you create this type of video for your niche, you can grasp their interest and get plenty of new subscribers. Pick the top products that interest the audience of your niche and try them out. State the benefits and drawbacks of each and recommend the best one of them. You can even combine this type of video with the products’ unboxing. 

#5 Try Weird Foods and Snacks

One more video idea that your subscribers will love is to try weird foods and snacks from all around the world. The weirder and rarer the snacks you will find, the more views and likes you will get. This type of video will be ideal if you have a cooking YouTube channel. If you create this type of video and you want to promote it, you can visit Stormviews to buy YouTube views. This way, you will boost its engagement and it will become more visible to a wide audience. 

#6 Do a Live Stream

A live stream is a perfect video to get closer to your audience and start building a loyal community. Plan a live event, promote it on your social media, and interact with your subscribers. The live stream will let you talk to them directly, read their comments, and get their suggestions. 

#7 Reveal Your Styling Mistakes

If you are a beauty, lifestyle, or fashion YouTuber, then you can create a styling mistakes video. This video can be a combination of a vlog and a list video, while you number your styling mistakes and you show how to fix them. Many users in these niches are interested in learning how to improve the way they put on their makeup and style their clothes. Therefore, this is going to be an extremely useful video for them. 

#8 Try Various Flavors of the Same Product

Another video idea for a cooking YouTube channel is to try the different flavors of the same product. You already know that snacks come in various flavors and some of them are rather weird. For this reason, many users will find it intriguing to discover what the different flavors taste like. Stormviews is there to help you get your video to more users by buying cheap YouTube views.

#9 Essential Items Your Viewers Need To Have

One more video idea that you can adapt for many different niches is the essential items that your viewers should have. For example, if you are a fashion YouTuber, you can explain the pieces of clothing that should be in your wardrobe. On the other hand, you can create a list of the essential classic books that your audience should have on their bookshelves. 

#10 Give a Tour of Your City

Every YouTube creator and user live in different regions of the world. So, there is a high chance that your audience will want to discover your city and maybe a different country. For this reason, a tour of your city and all of your favorite places will be an interesting video for your channel. Have fun with your friends, upload it, and visit Stormviews to buy cheap YouTube views to make it stand out.

#11 What’s on Your Phone Video

One common video type for every YouTuber on any niche you can imagine is to reveal what is in your fridge, in your bag, or on your phone. The third idea is the most original one of the three as you can reveal the applications you use for your time management, organization, and entertainment. 

#12 Ask Your Viewers To Spend 24 Hours With You

Lastly, one of the most popular videos nowadays requires you to spend 24 hours with your viewers. For this content type, you need to record your day, from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. It is a fun video that will certainly earn you a lot of views, likes, and subscribers.

As a content creator, you need to find refreshing ideas to keep your audience engaged. Once you do, make sure that you get cheat YouTube views from Stormviews to bring your content to more users. 

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