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How to Be a Youtuber and Become a Star 9 Tips

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Being a YouTuber is no longer a hobby; it has become an online profession. It is becoming more fashionable every day, and with it, you can forge a very successful career. These new professionals of the digital age are the idols of thousands (and even millions) of people around the world.

Surely you too, watching a video of your favorite YouTuber, have looked at you with admiring eyes, thinking about the incredible luck he has of doing something he likes, and wondering how you could achieve the same as him or her.

That is why I have decided to create this complete guide where you will discover all the steps to start being YouTuber, and nine secret tips with which you will be able to succeed and popularity in this great platform.

What Do You Need to Be a Youtuber?

If you want to make this a profession where you succeed and generate good income, you cannot take your cell phone, record a poor quality video where you appear doing nonsense, upload it to YouTube and wait for your fame to grow. That way, you will never achieve anything. Being a YouTuber is a job like any other, where you have to take care of specific details and strive. And to do it well, it is necessary to have some materials that will help you reach the top. You might need some tools like Adobe and Uniconverter.

When you already have your video recorded, before uploading it to YouTube, it is almost mandatory that you review and edit the parts that you believe are necessary. In the beginning, it is not needed to make videos with spectacular introductions and effects. Still, it is important that you cut certain parts that are useless (silences, mistakes in speaking, etc.).

If you don’t want to spend your money on expensive software, use the Windows Movie Maker program for Windows, or iMovie for Mac. But if you can, a good program that I recommend is Adobe Premiere Pro or Camtasia valid for both Windows and Mac.

9 Tips to Be a Successful and Popular YouTuber

1. Bet on Only One Theme in Your Channel

Like when you think about topics for a blog, on a YouTube channel, it is better to deal with only a specific problem and not talk about very different things from each other. If you like cars, upload videos talking about it or other issues in the motor world (motorcycles, go-karts, car races, etc.). But never talk about items that are very different from each other and that are not related to each other. You might think that doing that will attract more audiences, but you’re wrong. That way, you will only get users not to subscribe to your channel because you don’t talk about a specific topic. That is why it is crucial to define a single theme for your channel and thus be able to reach a particular target audience.

2. Interact With Your Followers

Always respond to all comments or questions you receive. In this way, your followers will feel that you take care of them and that they are linked to you, and they will be more loyal when it comes to watching and sharing your videos. Be authentic and friendly before the camera, and soon you will have a large subscriber base that will support you unconditionally.

3. Collaborate With Other YouTubers

A great way to get to know and forge new relationships in this world is by making videos with other YouTubers. This way, you will reach a larger audience and get more subscribers. The typical formula used is to shoot a video with another YouTuber, and both upload the same video to both channels by putting a link to the other’s channel in the description.

4. Promote Yourself on Social Networks

YouTube is considered a social network. But to have real success and popularity, you must go beyond this platform. Create a Facebook page, an Instagram profile, and a Twitter account to post your videos there, photos of something interesting or funny with your theme, so you can talk to your followers by other means.

5. Upload Videos Regularly

The YouTube audience may be one of the most demanding in terms of wanting to watch videos with some regularity. So you should strive to post content every week or schedule a few fixed days to upload your videos. Many YouTubers, for example, upload two videos a week and have set days to do it (Monday and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday, etc.). You must realize that this is where your most significant effort will be; If you publish two videos in a row, but then it takes two weeks to upload the next one, your subscribers will forget you and end up not visiting your channel. You also need to be familiar with various video formats. There are many exciting content sources stored in different formats. Basic capabilities, such as converting VOB to MP4 are a must.

6. Use Short Titles With Keywords

It is better that you use short titles for your videos, but that they explain well what they are about, that they are long and tedious for your viewers. It is also a good idea to use keywords in them so that users who search on YouTube and Google can more easily find your videos.

7. Do Not Be Intimidated by Comments

Everywhere some envious people have nothing else to do but mess with others. And on YouTube, you will find some people who, although they don’t know you at all, will leave hurtful comments towards you. Do not be intimidated by them. Do not let the opinion of a few people that neither you know nor are worth making you stop uploading videos and stop being YouTuber.

8. Close the Videos With a Call to Action

At the end of your videos, a very good strategy is that you make a call to action to your subscribers. Invite them, for example, to subscribe to your channel if they have not already done so, to leave you a comment, to share your video if they liked it, or to watch other videos that you have published on your channel.

9. Above All, Be Yourself!

Your viewers will know right away if you are authentic or not. So try not to try to be someone you are not. Exploit all your personality and show yourself to others as you are with your friends and family. Put passion in what you do and enjoy the experience!

Now that you know how to be a YouTube, are you going to launch your videos?



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