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10 Top Skills for Social Media Marketing Management

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Do you know the necessary skills for social media management? Can you manage marketing on various social networks?

In this article, I’ll explain why you need social media marketing and which skills you need in this regard.

Social Media Marketing

With the rise of social networks, old-fashioned means of marketing and advertising have significantly changed.

More than 50% of the people on earth are using social services providing business owners with the chance of increasing sales.

Almost none of the social networks are solely for communication and socializing. The majority of high-quality content on social media is being broadcasted by brands and marketers to get more audiences and increase brand awareness.

More than 73% of marketers have found social networks effective in their strategies. On the other hand, more than 50 percent of users utilize social media to search and find different products/services.

With such a competitive atmosphere, social media marketing won’t be an easy task to do. Marketing campaigns on social media requires knowledge and skills to manage all social accounts consistently.

As a result, searching for the phrase “buy Instagram account” has recently skyrocketed which means many people can’t build a brand identity by their own.

Social Media Marketing Management

Social media marketing management is, therefore, one of the most recent areas of expertise. There are numerous social platforms and none of them can solely be enough to reach maximum exposure.

Depending on the type of products/services, different audiences should be targeted. Of course, they might use different platforms according to their location, gender, age, etc.

More importantly, social media marketing needs expertise in scheduling, online tools, graphics, etc. Performing all these tasks needs accurate management.

Even social media influencers who can’t manage their social presence will face a drop in their followers and will be forced to trade their account.

This is why many brands choose social media marketing agencies to manage their social accounts.

Social Media Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies are becoming wealthy brands because of a lucrative business available on social media services.

Such agencies promote products/services of their clients through social media marketing. Building a social media marketing strategy is the main function of a social media agency. These companies take control of the social presence of a brand on all social networking services.

They are asked to get the attention of the maximum relevant audience possible and put them in the brand’s sales funnel.

Top Skills for Social Media Marketing Managers

Employing social media managers in now on the rise. The rapid spreading of the coronavirus has in particular heated remote marketing jobs.

Of course, this is a competitive area so that certain skills and expertise is required to get ahead. Here are 10 top skills every social media marketing manager should acquire:

1. Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is an approach in which you define the overall manner of plans, techniques, and assessment in a project.

It’s a must for every marketer to build a marketing strategy at the begging and act based on it. So the ability to think strategically will certainly help you in predicting the best means of reaching a higher ROI.

Social media marketing strategies usually contain the below steps:

  • Conducting competition research
  • Setting SMART goals and relevant metrics
  • Recognizing relevant audience
  • Targeting niche audiences on the right social networks
  • Creating a unique style for social presence
  • Generating attractive content
  • Optimizing your posting schedule
  • Cross-promoting your content
  • Engaging with your audiences
  • Collaborating with niche influencers
  • Analyzing and optimizing your performance

A good social media manager should have plans for all these steps and therefore acquire relevant skills.

2. Leadership

Generally, a manager should lead a group of people through a path. Social media managers should work with content writers, graphic designers, data analysts, and marketers.

A marketing manager should also gain the attention of niche audiences. So a leading skill is required to guide team members with the purpose of getting more followers.

Keep in mind that it is possible that the outcome of every team member’s work is good but the overall results aren’t. This is exactly why good leadership is a must.

3. Data Analysis

Many aspects of our lives are involved with data analysis and marketing is no exception. Accordingly, numerous analytical tools have emerged that can give you insights into your marketing activities.

Data analysis is, therefore, a must for every marketing manager proving his/her with the chance of aligning marketing plans accurately.

Here are some examples of important data a social media manager should analyze every day:

  • Number of users of top social media platforms
  • Age percentage of social users on each platform
  • Geolocation distribution of audiences
  • Number followers of competitors
  • Engagement rates
  • Followers of top influencers

Marketing is actually a multi-variable problem and a skillful data analyst can only make the right decisions for it.

4. Financial Analysis

Before being a marketing manager, you need to be an economist and contractor. Social media marketing is all about increasing customers and building bottom lines.

So you need financial skills to be able to decide correctly about complex economic issues. Paid ads, influencers, sponsored posts, staff salaries, premium tools registrations, and many other matters need to be taken care of by you.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Driving traffic to your site, especially selling pages, is one of the most important goals of marketing campaigns.

The key to reaching higher traffics is SEO and modifying your content so that Google finds it relevant to users’ queries.

Social media marketing campaigns can’t be successful without matching content strategies with SEO techniques.

A good social media manager should be aware of searching algorithms and try to rank high in the eye of search engines.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is also a powerful technique to target relevant audiences and promote previously generated content.

Broadcasting your message via social networks is a great way of building brand awareness. But it’s not enough to keep your previous customers loyal. Email marketing can help you keep informed of the new products/services and encourage them to continue purchasing from you.

7. Tools & Platforms

Choosing suitable social networks and other marketing tools also requires experience and expertise.

First, you need to focus on top social services that the majority of your niche audiences are active on. Then, you have to use third-party apps and tools to make the most of marketing on them.

For example, social media management tools such as Crowdfire can greatly help you enhance your social presence.

Other tools like SEO sites, analytics, graphic software, video editing tools, plagiarism checkers, and many other tools are necessary for remote marketing.

8. Content Generation

Content marketing is central to your marketing projects and you can’t win the contention without being the best in it.

Of course, multi-media content is on the rise these days. You need to create informative and attractive content in different formats and promote them on all your social accounts.

Creativity and speed are the keys to content generation. So a good social media manager needs to focus on these skills to display the best social presence.

9. Communication

Keeping the company apprised, the team members encouraged, and social users engaged require strong communication skills.

As marketing is naturally involved with many people with different purposes, handling probable issues is another communication skill a manager should acquire.

This will be more important in a remote social media marketing campaign in which face-to-face interactions can’t help.

10. Being up to Date

Social media is an ever-changing field so you need to keep updating your knowledge. New platforms or tools are emerging every day and many of them can be of great use to your campaigns.

A social media marketing manager should track any relevant trends on social media. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to have different marketing strategies.

The Bottom Line

I tried to explain the importance of social media marketing management and summarize the top skills a manager needs. Of course, experiencing different campaigns is required for you to enhance your skills and improve your results.

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