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3 Best Tips to Grow Your Hotel Business and Boost Following

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Did you know that the photo-sharing site Instagram is one of the popular social networking platforms having 500 million users? Then, why not promote your hotel business here for growth and more fan following. The engagement rate on this platform is considerably high; almost 75 percent take some action on Instagram.

When it comes to Instagram, 76 percent of users post visuals of their vacation experiences and so you can grow your hotel business using the photo-sharing platform as an effective marketing tool.

The test of being in the inn promoting industry is the staggering measure of rivalry. Particularly with the development in fame of sites like Airbnb and Home Away, it’s gotten much additionally testing to contrast the opposition to assemble more appointments. While lodging advertisers are very acquainted with these difficulties, they are still entrusted with hitting (and ideally surpassing) their measurements, which are regularly attached to appointments.

According to an article published on Huffpost.com, you can use relevant Instagram hashtags to gain maximum exposure for your hotel or resort. As far as hashtags are concerned, they are like connective tissues bringing visitors to your Instagram page. So read on to learn about the three best tips to grow your hotel or resort business.

Use Instagram to Pique Audience Interest

When you have a hotel, first know what content type would appeal to your targeted audience. For instance, travelers love to see high-resolution photos of tourist destinations as well as food. It could be anything like sharing travel experiences, tips, and images of local cuisines.

Next, use the relevant hashtags to reach out to travel enthusiasts. Did you know that photos with related hashtags have 12.6 percent more level of engagement? Make sure you use popular and not so popular hashtags to boost the engagement level. When you use less popular hashtags, your website will easily rank better and seen by your targeted audience.

Then, you can set a location if you want to see your posts gain 79 percent more engagement. It will help tourists to find your resort while they search for photos from your geographic area or location. Make sure your Instagram posts are not self-promotional. You need to build engagement through stunning travel photos of waterfalls, mountains, beaches, and monuments. Only self-talk will not help in building engagement.

The key to successful Instagram engagement is storytelling and blending promotional posts naturally. The rule is posting a single promotional content and four non-promotional ones. When it comes to promotional content, display one photo of your hotel rooms and tell your audience that they can avail of a 10 percent discount. Again, you can post an image of a breakfast platter showing sandwiches, sausages, sunny-side up, bacon, tea, coffee, or orange juice. If you would like to learn more about Instagram engagement, you can look up https://www.insta4likes.com/ or similar platforms.

Know Your Audience Better

Before you post Instagram content, you should determine who your customers are, first. When you try to build a feed for all, you would have a tough time hanging on to your worthy guests. The ideal way to find your targeted customers that fits your business is through hashtag research. For example, if you are targeting honeymoon couples, use hashtags like #romanticdestination, #weddingdestination, and the like.

You can find the appropriate hashtags by using search tools like Display Purposes or Top Hashtags. The best way is to create a file where you can save the related hashtags that you would like to use in your posts.

Now and then your past clients can cause the best crowd to market to – on the off chance that they had a positive involvement with the past, is there any good reason why they wouldn’t have any desire to return?

Client devotion programs are a great method to guarantee clients return over and over. Why? These projects are intended to give enormous limits and extraordinary advantages to bringing visitors back. Maybe your program works by permitting visitors to procure focuses and arrive at specific levels every year (Gold, Platinum, and so on.).

Maintain Consistency

The best way to drive Instagram engagement is through consistency. When you flood your followers’ feed with numerous posts after a long time, it would mean a troublesome experience. However, if you post Instagram content daily, four times a week, or every week, your followers will learn about your business better, which helps to improve post engagement.

Then, it is not just about a consistent Instagram post. To gain more fan following and engagement, make sure your feeds are consistent too. For instance, choose some of your brand colors and maintain consistency with such colors. You can also use a specific theme to ensure post consistency for your targeted audience. Urge glad visitors to get the message out about their experience. Prize them with limits for their next remain, free dinners, or gift vouchers.

Make every post visually attractive because Instagram is about stunning photos and videos. The best thing is you do not need to use multiple tools to create eye-catching posts. You can simply use your smartphone’s camera and a few Instagram filters to create stunning, high-resolution content that resonates with your audience. A couple of times, you can hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the special areas of your hotel such as a poolside bar, the dining hall, suites, ocean-facing rooms, and things like that.


Instagram is the best social media tool to promote your hotel business. Make things simple when you share images and videos on this photo-sharing site. Your posts should create an impact that makes your customers and guests share your hotel images, pictures, or videos. In simple words, your Instagram posts should be share-worthy. Posting content on the platform is easy and you do not need to brainstorm too much about status text like Facebook. Just post stunning visuals with short and snappy captions supporting the images. That will do the trick. Good luck!

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