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5 Pros of Having More Number of Likes on Facebook

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More Facebook likes! It’s the driving passion of some social media marketers. They thirst it. They dream about it. They desire it. Can you even imagine how Facebook ‘Likes’ can do wonders for you or your business to grow? Well, many people believe that Facebook ‘likes’ are not that much beneficial for any business page but this is so not true. Facebook ‘likes’ do have their own significance.

Facebook is a gigantic marketing platform that holds the maximum record of the most visited social networking website that binds everybody on single platform. There are zillions of public who are active participants on the website and with each passing second they are seeking some fresh feed on their page. However social media marketing has evolved over the years. And to extend your business, it is of utmost necessity that your campaign, services, and posts receives a fair amount of “Likes” since Facebook has its own strategies to assure the credibility of the content you are sharing. This is the place where “Likes” play a vital role. Don’t get me wrong, a ‘Facebook Like’ isn’t and shouldn’t be the aim for your page but its absence can make it extremely arduous to accomplish your goals. Here are 5 reasons why ‘likes’ are important:

News Feed Visibility/Brand Exposure

It aids to enhance the News Feed Visibility. Social media strategy experts say, “If you don’t have any likes or comments you can pretty much count on your updates not being seen.” Receiving likes on the Facebook page can be enticing, but is easy. Here’s what you can do. There are plenty of sites  where you can  buy facebook likes and followers. They will rise dozens of likes on your page at low cost. No matter which industry you belong to, believe, that it will do wonders! This is due to the fact that Facebook has audience from all the corners of the globe and from all fields of life on its website. A huge number of likes will aid ease your efforts to build a good image of your brand or product. There is also a possibility to gain new fans. More likes on your page will generate interest of more people who view your page through Facebook advertisements and other campaigning.

Note: Even with plenty of likes and comments on posts, it’s hard to appear on your fans’ news feeds. No audience engagement = no visibility.

It’s an Expression of Affinity & “Likers” Have More Friends

Do you know that the people who are the most engaged on Facebook, liking and commenting on posts have more friends? (Duh!) They are not only exhausting the data but engaging with it as well. Moreover, a ‘Like’ is a gesture of casual fondness. It implies the viewer has an interest in your business and wish to hear from you. It’s identical to someone opting-in to receive email updates. This can result to the framing of more personal ties with consumers and a further level of engagement with them, as well. More likes means more popularity and more popularity means more user engagement. It gives you great insights about your potential consumers who liked your page. Users often look for opportunities to buy Facebook views and likes to grow instantly. Once people ‘Like’ your page, they are included to your fan base. Using the messaging feature contained in the page’s administrative console, you can send broadcast-style emails to all your audience, or target them depending on demographics, such as age, gender and location. While this ‘Email Marketing Capability’ tactic should not be over utilized, but sending an occasional email is other method to stay in touch with consumers.

It Builds Brand Loyalty & How Your Friends ‘Like’ Matters!

Facebook’s default news feed setting has an algorithm mechanism that only shares what it supposes you’ll like the most. It ascertains that by not only which posts, pages and images you’ve liked in the past but what your friends ‘like’ too. Facebook believes, if it’s influential to your friends and they like it, it may be influential to you even. Apart from being a space to develop a consumer base and sell products, a Facebook business page can do wonders for assisting you set up brand loyalty. What exactly does that mean? Well, if you continually render valuable and entertaining content, your fans will remain loyal – even in case you make flaws. So that’s a plus point when you successfully collect “likes”.

‘Likes’ Denotes Social Proof

Wondering how is that possible? Well, if someone visits your fan page and all they notice is your posts down the entire page with no interaction with your viewers or comments , there actually isn’t pretty much inspiration to ‘like’ the page. It’s largely possible for people to interact if they find others already doing it.  Liking a post means it becomes a nodule on the Facebook graph, so it shows up in search. If it is a product, brand or service, it also shows up on the Facebook profile page of the user. That also involves Facebook Pages Liked by the person. Hence, engaging is the key, my friend! So keep on engaging, and you can swipe likes for your page as much as possible!

Blogs With Facebook ‘Likes’ Generate More Traffic

In question of driving more traffic, incorporating the ‘Like’ button to your website can benefit you well enough. Now that Facebook has permitted website and blogs to include the ‘Like’ button into each and every post, Fan page owners are able to develop exposure to Facebook networks of each person that likes a post. Every time viewers press the ‘like’ button on a blog post, it automatically appears in your news feed just like it would if you were to share a link. Also, ‘Like’ buttons are among the convenient ones to use of all the Facebook social plug-ins, needing only a tiny piece of code to be implanted on a web page or website. Even those traders who are not tech-savvy can incorporate it.

The Bottom Line

Just before a few years ago, building your social community was severely crucial. In reference to social media’s influence on ecommerce sales, past activity should not be of any concern for your future performance. Social media is here to stay and Facebook is reigning social networking sites. As you’re undoubtedly well aware that Facebook has made it highly arduous to reach the people who have connected to your brand’s Page. Therefore, it’s worthy to leverage the site, even if that is only five percent of sales. The marketing advantages mentioned above indicate that Facebook has the potential to be a viral marketing engine, and the ‘Like’ button is the accelerator!

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