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8 Ways To Create Engaging Social Media Content For Your Brand

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If you are here, you are likely looking to create content for social media that attracts and engages your target audience. 

With over 3.08 billion social media users globally, social media surely plays a vital role in business promotion. However, not every content goes viral or engages a lot of people. 

There are certain types of content that work better than others (in terms of engaging users). 

Let’s look at the eight best ways to create engaging social media content for your brand. 

1. Go for Pictorial Representation

Pictures are more liked and shared on social networks when compared to texts or attachments. Photos also tend to receive more comments than text-only content. That indicates social media users want to see visuals more than texts. 

The chances of pictures getting viral are also high because they are easy to share (even outside the platform). You can leverage the power of data-driven storytelling to effective visualization. 

When designing your brand’s images for social media, ensure that it is unique and represents your brand’s personality. The writing matter should be appropriately placed within the design. 

For example, Mercato, an online grocery delivery provider, makes sure any picture it uploads reflects its brand voice. They also encourage users to engage with their content by adding a question at the end of the post, such as “have you snagged any delicious seasonal fruits from Mercato recently? Tell us your favorite find and tag the store below”.

2. Convert Your Best Content Into Infographics

Infographics are a visual depiction of information intended to provide knowledge to an audience. Infographics are more liked and shared than any other form of visual representation.

Whether you are promoting your products via infographics or sharing valuable insights with your target audience, make sure to add your brand’s logo at the end of the image. 

Include graphs, various colors, charts, etc. to make the infographic unique and more appealing. If you have any previous article, convert it into an infographic. It will be easier than creating new content altogether. 

3. Ensure Your Images Are of High Quality

The photographs that you post on social media should be of high quality.  Never compromise with the quality of the photo when it comes to promoting your brand. 

18% of marketers report finding individuals with designing skills is difficult. 

You may search for images at Google. However, make sure the picture you pick from Google is not “subject to copyright.” You can browse other websites as well that provide royalty-free images, such as Shutterstock and Pixabay.

4. Get More Reviews on Social Media

Your satisfied customers can help you increase your sales at no extra cost. All you have to do is request them to post reviews on your social handle. 

You can also post reviews from your websites on social networking sites.  

Most of the clients, to date, keep their faith in customer testimonials. So these reviews will work as a recommendation and can engage more audiences.

You can generate reviews through social media campaigns also. Then post them from your business web-page.

5. Run Contests on Social Media

Hosting contests on social media is yet another effective way to boost engagement. Announce lucrative deals, offers, or gifts on Facebook or Instagram. Invite more people through emails and paid ads. 

However, make sure that the deals you offer don’t make a hole in your pocket. 

You will definitely get a considerable amount of subscribers. The percentage of people liking business pages to participate in such competitions is quite impressive. 

6. Tag Your Satisfied Customers

Whenever you are posting something on social media, tag your satisfied customers. Your satisfied customers are your best bet to increase real customer engagement on social media. If your loyal customers start to convert to your brand, other customers will start to replicate them resulting in higher overall engagement.

You may tag your known contacts also, whom you find as your genuine well-wisher. 

If you quote any blogger, don’t forget to tag him. This will raise appreciation for your brand and act as social proof. 

7. Include Social Media Icons in Your Email Signature

If you haven’t been linking your social media accounts in your newsletter, you are losing out on a great opportunity. 

Many people think that social networks and email are competitors of each other. Instead, they work together. Adding your social accounts in email signatures might encourage your subscribers to follow you on different networks. 

Also, request your email subscribers to share your promotional content on social media to increase engagement. 

8. Leverage Hashtags to Your Advantage

The most popular trends on social media now are hashtag posts. Hashtags allow you to reach more customers on social media.

You can promote your taglines more than one time with hashtags. Just keep on changing the headers. This is a very efficient way to promote your brand.

Additionally, check trending hashtags in your industry and think of how you can create content that reflects both your brand and niche. 

Prime concerns:

While following the mentioned strategies, you need to remain particular about some matters:

  • You need to choose appropriate social networking sites and have to stay active on it. Analyze customer demographics before you decide which social platforms to use. 
  • Use social listening tools to identify what your target audience is talking about. You can improve your content according to the different needs of the clients to get a massive number of dedicated buyers.
  • Focus on providing information and adding value to your target audience’s lives. They are the initials to design engaging content.
  • Create a variety of posts according to the need of the specific social networking channels. 
  • Set controllable KPIs. It will help you determine which content resorts best with your target audience. 


The tips mentioned in the article can help you boost engagement in your social media account. Remember, the online community will always wait for your coming up social moves. Read the comments and revert to assist, support, and engage prospective customers. Last but not least, maintain a robust social bonding with your followers.

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