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8 Ways Facebook Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

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Without continuous growth, business operations won’t improve. And this might lead to an increase in employee turnover.   

On the other hand, companies that are continuously growing and financially stable enjoy market dominance because their clients and investors trust that they can deliver. Furthermore, the high profile of these expanding organizations appeals to the most talented job seekers in the market.  

With the ever-rising competition in the online marketplace, entrepreneurs need to find ways to stay relevant. That said, you must build a reputable Facebook page so you can boost the credibility of your online presence. Effectively doing so enables you to attract your target audience and sustain active social media engagement.  

In this article, you’ll learn eight ways in which Facebook marketing can help you expand your company. 


1. Revealing Customer Trends  

Business owners need to know customer trends so they can understand how to stay on top of the minds of their leads. This component includes the underlying values that drive a target audience away from their competitors. Thus, knowing the trends that influence your consumers will help you anticipate what they’re going to need.  

Facebook Audience Insights reveal existing and potential consumer trends using data presented in a digital format. You can view this information based on three groups of people connected to your page. Then, you can see the general Facebook audience and the users in your previously created custom audiences. 


As you receive an audit from this analysis, you can identify the past purchase behavior of your existing customers. This activity enables you to understand what made them decide to buy your products or services. As a result, you can reuse your previous marketing campaigns or Facebook page features to inspire them to have another transaction with your brand. 

2. Developing Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness helps drive performance-marketing goals, which include revenue and leads. Moreover, targeting high-quality audiences will help you boost your chances of dominating your market. In turn, you can gain the trust of social media users and influence their decision-making processes.  

In addition, you can improve your brand image with the help of Facebook ads. You can do this by targeting specific demographics like age, location, and gender in your ads. This strategy allows you to reach your target market online.   

Furthermore, you can use your Facebook content to create a connection with your audience. This can help you sustain your market visibility as well as boost your follower count. Once users start following your page, your posts will appear on their feed.   

With that, you must ensure that you create posts that would resonate with your audience. In turn, your Facebook page will help you attract your target customers, who can provide you with honest responses. 

3. Nurturing Customer Relationships  

As an online company, you must connect with your customers so you can motivate them to be loyal to your brand. With the help of Facebook, you can create highly engaging content that would encourage your followers to interact with your campaigns. Then, you must give quick responses to their comments and provide answers to their queries about your offers. 

On the other hand, some companies boost their customers’ interest by conducting online competitions with exciting giveaways and prizes. However, you must produce content that highlights the values of your organization so you can sustain their loyalty. Furthermore, you must always ensure the satisfaction of your customers so you can run a successful online brand.  

Another way to nurture your relationship with your Facebook audience is by screening a public video in real-time through Watch Parties. This marketing tactic is an excellent way to establish buzz for a new product launch by making a standard video. Then, you can use Watch Parties and Facebook Live Events to build momentum for your marketing campaigns and events. 

4. Increasing Website Traffic 

Facebook is a major platform for organizations to interact with their target customers. With that, you can position your page as a marketing medium to drive traffic to your website. Regardless of the size of your company, you must learn how to use this platform strategically so you can attract more leads to your website.   

You must make use of the platform’s ‘About’ button by adding a link to your website so you can promote specific content. As your Facebook audience gets directed to your web page, they can view a more detailed version of your products and services. Then, they’ll be more inclined to purchase directly from your online store. 

However, if you really want your Facebook followers to effectively notice your page and website, you must develop a high-quality profile. That said, you should design a display image and cover photo that would speak for your brand. Also, you should create a regular schedule for your posts so you can plan your campaigns in advance. 

5. Keeping A Close Eye On Competitors 

In the world of commerce, you shouldn’t only focus on the growth of your organization. That said, you must keep a close eye on your competitors so you can track their strengths and weaknesses. Significantly, a competitor analysis would help you identify new opportunities for your company to grow and possible risks that might threaten your stability.  

With Facebook, you can keep an eye on the major stakeholders in your business. You can do this by viewing the list of their followers, their consumer pool, their advertising styles, and their popularity level. Thus, you should follow the pages of your competitors so you can study their strategies and develop a plan to surpass them. 

6. Creating Brand Loyalty 

Consumers who are loyal to a brand will continue to buy your existing products and services and try new ones. These customers are likely to spread positive word-of-mouth, so they can persuade their relatives and friends to try your offers. Therefore, you must include brand loyalty as part of your marketing campaign so you can gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

Likewise, if you want your customers to keep returning to your online brand, you must connect with them in meaningful ways. For instance, you can share the input of your existing clients on your Facebook story once they leave positive feedback for your brand. Doing so enables you to attract new consumers and reinforce your existing ones’ trust in your products and services.  

Moreover, another way to build loyalty using Facebook marketing is by sharing user-generated content (UGC). This can be videos, photos, and other content that your shoppers produce using your products and services. That said, you should encourage users to mention your brand and use branded hashtags so you can quickly find their UGC.  

7. Boosting SEO  

When people search for your brand online, they’re likely to determine if you have a Facebook account. Also, search engines rank social media activity on their search engine results pages (SERPs). That said, you must produce quality content so you can receive active engagement from your fans and get a higher ranking on SERPs.  

One of the most basic rules in search engine optimization (SEO) is by using keywords throughout your content. However, you must avoid overstuffing it because this practice isn’t good for Facebook algorithms. And this might also affect the engagement of your followers. With that, you should go for a single, long-tail keyword and use the direct content copy.  

In addition, you should also consider leveraging the power of backlinks in your Facebook SEO. Attaching these links indicates to your audience that your content is reliable and relevant to your industry. However, you must avoid using backlinks from random sources because doing so might hurt the reputation of your brand.  

To maximize your brand’s potential, you can also connect with Facebook influencers who are willing to offer you guest posting opportunities on their platforms. Then, you must include the links to your Facebook content and custom tabs in their blog posts. This strategy allows you to boost the credibility and popularity of your Facebook page. 

8. Enabling Ad Retargeting 

Retargeting gives additional points of contact with your products and your brand, which boosts the likelihood of converting leads. Instead of trying to attract new leads, this marketing tactic aims to regain the attention of repeat visitors who are likely to convert into sales. Even if you don’t convert them into customers right away, your brand will be the first one on their minds.  

Through Facebook Exchange, digital marketers can benefit from ad retargeting on this platform through real-time bidding. You can target users based on their web history data collected. This information can be useful because it can provide insight into what your customers are looking for in a product or service. If they fail to make a purchase, the marketer can display a customized campaign for that same product on Facebook.  

Another benefit of retargeting is that it enables you to determine the highest percentage of your conversations as leads leave your site. The insights of your existing and previous campaigns will be the road map of your future Facebook marketing strategies. Over time, you’ll be able to develop effective digital marketing efforts so you can maximize their results.  


Key Takeaway 

As an online business owner, you must ensure the growth of your company with the help of social media platforms. That said, you must consider making use of these eight marketing tactics so you can take advantage of Facebook.   

As a result, you can build awareness on the platform, drive more traffic to your website, and convert leads into sales. 

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