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Ways Your Business Can Benefit from A Self Storage Unit

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You and your employees will spend over 2000 hours each year in the workplace. Part of encouraging a healthy work environment for all of those hours is making sure the office is clean and organized. This is important for many reasons from the first impression given when a client walks in the door to making your employees feel comfortable at work. The better they feel, the more excited they will be to come to work with a positive attitude each day.

Many workplaces need serious decluttering in order to create a clean and ordered environment. A tool that can be beneficial to employees tasked with working on the clutter is a self-storage unit. Using one near the office will provide a place to keep inventory, supplies, documents, furniture, and other items in safe, dry storage.

When researching self-storage facilities, be sure to inquire about service upgrades or discount plans which may offer extra perks like added protection or savings on services like copying. Some companies even offer free truck rental for the day of the move-in once you have planned what to remove from the office and put in storage.

There are a host of ways to take advantage of a self-storage unit for your business. Consider the following ideas:

Restaurant Storage

When you run a restaurant, you end up with a good bit of items that are used seasonally throughout the year. It is not typical to have on-site storage to safely store seasonal decor and extra inventory. A storage unit is a great source for storing these decorations that seem to overflow out of closets in the restaurant.

Other items that could be stored to create a more organized working space are janitorial and kitchen supplies, extra inventory, outdoor furniture, dishware, paper goods, and non-perishable food items. You may find a great deal at a discount shopping store on a food item that you regularly use but don’t have the space to store. The unit solves that problem.

Temporary Storage

One of the major interruptions to daily operations can be a remodeling project or the opportunity to relocate. While these can be good business decisions, it can create a headache due to the displacement of inventory and furniture. Using a storage unit can be a solution to your temporary problem.

You will want to make sure the storage company offers varied unit sizes to meet your space requirements. While remodeling or relocating, the unit can be used to store appliances, cubicles, cabinets, computers, furniture, office supplies, and decor.

Document Storage

Many businesses have to keep documents for a certain number of years. This could include client files in a lawyer’s office or tax documents in an accountant’s office. Most businesses have a large amount of document storage even with so much of it kept on hard drives.

Some companies require keeping sensitive files, and this can be a major security concern.

Storage units can give businesses a safe, cost-effective option for keeping documents like tax records and employee files. Researching the security provided by the storage company will be important along with checking into whether they offer climate-controlled units.

Most storage companies provide video surveillance.  Some also have onsite workers overnight and coded gates along with unit alarms and locks. These provisions can give you confidence knowing your files will be secure and safe.

Real Estate Storage

A real estate company has special storage needs for signs, sales materials, and staging props. A storage unit can be very handy for agents who are expert stagers preparing a property for viewing. In addition to supplies, the unit can be used to store belongings temporarily removed from a home to prepare for an open house and props used for the event like brochure stands, signs, and decorative objects used to attract customers to the opening.

If you build a good relationship with a reliable storage business, you can also recommend them to your real estate clients for their use before or after a move. This can lead to discounts for your company. The facilities usually have staff members to offer not only moving supplies but great moving tips as well.

There are many ways your business can take advantage of a self-storage unit. Some facilities have additional perks like business programs that offer shipping services allowing companies to deliver to your storage unit without you being present. Others offer conference rooms, along with copiers and faxes for use.

No matter what the needs of your business, you can benefit from a storage unit knowing that it provides a secure, clean environment to store items for your business. You can return to a clutter-free, encouraging work environment knowing your items will be safe while you focus on what you do best – growing your business.

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