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A Business Owners Guide to Different Security Camera Systems

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Every business owner wants the peace of mind that when they’re not at work their business premises are protected.

Many businesses still rely on the old-school security guard system, but marrying that with the latest security technology can make all the difference when looking after your commercial property.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a single store or run a more extensive operation, the more effective security camera systems will deter burglars and vandals. Not to mention, these kinds of cameras should also be easy to install and not cost a fortune to own.

There’s a wide range of security camera systems available, and it can be challenging to figure out which provide the best protection and service. Here’s a quick glance at the cameras on the market today.

Wired 4K Security Cameras

Like their photography camera counterparts, these 4K HD video cameras provide fantastic clarity. The detailing on these images, whether it be day or night, is second to none. Having these kinds of cameras potentially makes all the difference if you need to identify specific details. You’ll enjoy a realistic contrast and natural movement even when the lighting is darker. It particularly suits large surveillance areas such as warehouses, parking lots and large office spaces.

Nocturnal Cameras

Nocturnal security cameras provide the longest night vision range, record in 4K resolution and can withstand the toughest weather conditions. With the help of ambient lighting, these cameras record in full color day and night.

These are excellent for commercial premises. They’re wired, meaning they don’t run on batteries, which allows them to record continuously without you worrying whether they’ve run out of power.

PTZ Cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom)

Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras can monitor large areas and really do cover some ground. They can be used alongside analog security DVRs and NVRs. Plus, many of the PTZ cameras can be customized with user-defined patterns to maximize the area they cover.

These cameras come with rapid panning, tilt speeds, continuous 360° rotation, which means they can move fast and focus on different parts of any picture. There’s also an optical zoom feature so you can hone in on a license plate or facial features. Customers can also control their cameras via a mobile app.

Varifocal Zoom Cameras

Cameras that have varifocal zoom lenses allow you to zoom in and out, without distorting the clarity of the image. There’s a powerful zoom feature, so you can focus on specific areas, be it in an open space or one with many details. You can also access this sort of camera system via a tablet or smartphone.

From wired 4K security cameras and nocturnal cameras to PTZ cameras and varifocal zoom cameras, investing in a simple-to-use, easy-to-install and cost-effective security system for your commercial property will give you peace of mind and could save your business money.



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