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Finding a Common Ground: Why Educating Clients is Important for Marketing Campaign Success

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If you work in digital marketing, making sure that your clients are on the same page in terms of their understanding of a campaign is vital for a number of reasons. Should some basic disconnect in comprehension emerge further down the line, the results could be calamitous, so coaching clients to avoid this makes sense.

To better appreciate the benefits of educating clients and finding common ground, here is a look at the areas in which these advantages can be achieved.

Establishing Requirements

Before bringing a client on board, it is important not only to understand what it is they want from your marketing expertise, but also whether they actually know enough about the issues they are facing to ask for the right set of services.

For example, if they are seeing sluggish online sales they might blame their SEO efforts and request that you work your magic to boost their organic ranking and CTRs, when in fact the real issue hampering their conversions is the fact that their site is not mobile-optimized.

In short, you need to be able to determine from the initial questions they ask and problems they identify the extent to which they need to be educated before you move forwards.

Measuring Success With Reporting

Another central aspect to establish ahead of launching a digital marketing campaign is that all parties are on the same page as you in terms of how client reporting tools are used to track its impact.

By using modern reporting tools it should be straightforward to present the results of your efforts to clients in a compelling and comprehensible way, using visual aids to transform raw data into something that unambiguously demonstrates the targets that you have hit.

That is not to say that you should aim to only rely on evidence that is understandable to the least data-literate; rather you should make sure that the KPIs included in the report are both appreciated by the client and actually relevant to the campaign on more than just a surface level.

Once again it makes sense to act early to plan for client education with reporting in mind, as well as being willing to explain why certain metrics are significant even if they are not the most conspicuous.

Determining Valuemarketing

Arguably most pertinent of all is the need to educate clients as to the value of the services that you offer so that they can see how their investment in a marketing campaign is able to deliver a healthy return, rather than being baffled and unsure of what has been achieved.

Reporting can of course be used in this context, as at a very basic level any increase in revenues in the wake of a campaign could be chalked up to your intervention. However, client education is also about relationship-building, since ultimately a client’s ability to determine the value of your services will come down to how much trust has been established over time.

In short, the sooner you take steps to factor client education into the equation, the more satisfying the experience will be for all involved.

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