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Kilo Grupe: The Leader in Digital Health Continues Growth Through Talent Pooling

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UAB Kilo Grupe continues to see unprecedented growth in the digital health sector through investment in its human resources, recruitment processes, and career opportunities.

As the world continues to move into the digital sphere, employees are often left bouncing from job to job in an effort to grow professionally. Statistics now show that 50% of employees voluntarily leave their position within the first 2 years of employment, highlighting a deep level of employee dissatisfaction. 

For businesses, constant hiring can be a costly expense, especially if companies are not meeting the social and professional requirements to retain their hired staff anyway. 

UAB Kilo Grupe is a digital health and wellness company that is setting unprecedented high standards in how to consolidate the market, as well as how they engage and retain their valued employees. With an employee retention rate of almost 100%, UAB Kilo Grupe’s Human Resources team values emotional intellect, passion, drive, and raw talent. 


UAB Kilo Grupe and Human Resources

UAB Kilo Grupe understands their core principles, utilizing teamwork as one of their greatest strengths. As such, their revolutionary hiring process values integrity, work ethic, morals, and passion over acquired skills. 

UAB Kilo Grupe is confident in its training capabilities, and the support that the new hires receive is certainly unrivaled by similar and even bigger companies.

While expectations and productivity levels are high, UAB Kilo Grupe always has some time for fun. Every employee who refuses a job offer from another company is given a T-shirt with the print “I said no”.  According to the CEO of UAB Kilo Grupe, Tadas Burgaila, there are many of these T-shirts being worn around the office. 

There is an emphasis on celebrating hard work and success rather than a fear of talented staff moving on. Focusing on these positive aspects creates an ambitious and proud workforce that consistently delivers great results. 

Therefore, strong and direct communication is key for UAB Kilo Grupe’s HR team. The digital health and wellness company seeks to remedy the lack of trust and connection between employer and employee in traditional work settings. As such, upon employment, each new hire is greeted by Artūras Pronicevas, UAB Kilo Grupe’s Experience Manager. 

In this role, Pronicevas facilitates a safe space for open staff communication and professional growth, where concerns, fears, and worries can be discussed on a face-to-face basis to dismantle any workplace anxieties. 

The Chief Vibe Officer

UAB Kilo Grupe additionally provides trust-building and enjoyable events for all of its staff members, in which A. Pronicevas is in charge. Known within Kilo Grupe as the “Chief Vibe Officer,” his friendly, welcoming approach is certainly building employee rapport and promoting a positive, passionate working environment. 

The story of how Artūras Pronicevas came to be UAB Kilo Grupe’s chief of positive vibes (originally – Personnel Manager) is touching and almost cinematic. As the company began its steady rise, Tadas Burgaila was juggling HR duties alongside CEO commitments. 

Despite a wealth of job interviews for the role of Personnel Manager, Burgaila could not find a suitable candidate that encompassed the core values and principle beliefs that Kilo Grupe proudly carries. 

It would not be until Burgaila sat down in a cafe with colleagues that Kilo Grupe would find their treasured Chief Vibe Officer

Artūras Pronicevas was working as a bartender and was perfectly balancing the task of welcoming new customers, all the while quickly topping up drinks, effortlessly entertaining different groups of people, and overall, ensuring the well-being of everyone in the cafe. 

Though a cafe setting is a world away from digital health and wellness, it is these natural people skills that cannot be taught. Transferrable, pro-active instincts and great personalities will thrive in any environment, so long as they are trained properly. It is this organic talent that Kilo Grupe seeks to nurture. 

Business Growth

The reflection of happy and appreciated staff on Kilo Grupe’s business productivity is astounding. Growing from 7 to 550+ talented employees in just 3 years, the company has invested in 3 health tech startup businesses in only a few months and it is one of the leading digital health wellness companies worldwide.

These exciting startups, including Tyler, Medical Score, and Revolab, boast a substantial amount of potential and continually add to their rapidly growing customer base. 


Tyler is currently producing a glucose monitoring system that utilizes an accessible app and in-house monitor to inform users of their current blood glucose levels on a real-time basis, offering instant updates. 

The development will document the user’s response to exercise and diet to inform future recommendations regarding sleeping schedules, physical exercise, and diet choices. 

Medical Score

Medical Score is in the process of successfully trialing an innovative app, focusing on providing fast, accessible, and professional help to those struggling with mental health issues. The app can instantly connect users with therapists for psychological counseling without requiring an excess of personal data to be shared first. 

Unfortunately, while there is still a stigma surrounding mental health, those who need help will struggle to ask. Consequently, Medical Score encourages anyone to reach out for help by providing an anonymous service.


Revolab has developed a smartphone testing service that facilitates the remote testing of a wide range of issues, from hormone testing to COVID-19. 

Users must simply open the Revolab app, select the test they want, order the tools needed for sample collection, and subsequently produce a sample (for example, saliva, blood, or urine) before handing it over to the courier. 

Test results will be updated via the mobile app for a streamlined and efficient approach to remote testing.



UAB Kilo Grupe endeavors to grow in harmony with its valued staff and understand that satisfied staff means increased productivity. The company is certainly on its way to becoming globally recognized as not only a great employer but a hub for well-loved and popular digital health and wellness products. 

UAB Kilo Grupe was founded to induce a well-needed boost in the digital health industry, to ultimately make healthcare more accessible to everyone. With its talented and growing team of visionaries, Kilo Grupe is aiding the healthcare system one positive vibe at a time. 

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